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HowlPop at the Skull Club

Tennessee Williams Fest - STEEEEELLLLLLAAA!!!
~NOLA radfem

4 Pilings of the Nola House
~Humid Haney

Mr "No Regrets" Busby,
I just finished your article today in the WP:
"Insecure About Climate Change".
Your insightful opening thesis caused me to research your background in the hopes of finding any hard experience with civil engineering.
No. Too bad. You have none. You have credentials.
So your lack of any knowledge of how levees are actually built or misbuilt might explain your inaccurate, misleading, down-right misdirecting pretense that New Orleans was flooded by hurricane Katrina, which had passed the city as a much weakened though still dangerous Cat 2 storm. What you profer is known today as it was discovered after the holocaust of WW2: The Tiny Lie, child of the Big Lie, told over and over and over. So while the levees fail in Missouri this week we are to believe that it is due to amorphous "Global Warming", rather than the Corps of Engineers who designed and built the entire flood control system?
This of course throws into doubt the intellectual foundation of the rest of your report, though not perchance your motivation in writing it for the Council of Foreign Relations. Fear. Fear the unpredictable sky full of bad weather and hijacked airliners. Fear hysterical, ungovernable Naked Mother Nature--not the Uniformed Government Man who built the levees.
Why or how else could you make such an egregious mistake of perception? Medication or the lack therof? Prehistoric global flash-freezing and/or, of late, thawing of your brain? Were you friggin' born last night? Given the mountain of engineering evidence that the levee system was not topped but failed, and the Corps of Engineers own admission that the city flooded due to breeches in the levee system which were themselves the result of failed design, execution and maintenance by the US Army Corps of Engineers, I find myself completely stunned and amazed by your ignorance. Please at least review some of the more topical engineering questions surrounding this criminal negligence.
By refusing to acknowledge the Corps of Engineers' failed levees, your report does more damage by leaving our country unaware and hence unprepared for the next real catastrophy--as happened in New Orleans--as is happening this very moment in Missouri. By hiding the bad seed in the heart of our waterways infrastructure, your report does nothing to mitigate this glaring broken bone in the body politic. And the fact that you are published in National Media makes this threat to our welfare even more insidious and strange.
So what is your point, Mr Busby? Why in the world would anyone want to publish such glaring inacuracy? Profit perhaps? Who paid for this study? I certainly hope that I don't find tax dollars behind it. Oh no, but I feel that I must search for that too. Who funds these excercises in miss-information? Yikes! For whom da'hell does yo'bell toll?
You cannot expect me to trust the veracity of the rest of your article. You killed the truth in the opening paragraphs. So it doesn't matter whether you answer me, though I would very much worry about your lonely conscience.
We survived the hurricane that fateful August (of course I was there) but not the US Corps of Engineers.
But we survive the Corps today as we will survive you tomorrow.
Sinn Féin,
Editilla d'Aphasia
New Orleans News Ladder

Missourians hope levees can contain rain-swollen rivers
On Friday, Ted Yahl (right) brought his Boy Scout Troop 680, including Luke Stauder, 9, to help fill sandbags at the levee.
Families from across St. Louis County have swarmed Valley Park, Mo., to help their neighbors prepare for floodwater from the Meramec River.
Army Corps of Engineers Public Relations Specialist George Stringham (not an engineer) said some water had seeped through the levee, but the leakage was not unusual and posed no danger to the levee’s structural integrity.

FEMA Offers Help to Missouri, Other Flooded States

Exquixotic Corps of Engineers To Help Build $23 Million Border Fence--In Egypt?

Exquixotic Corps 'Building it Right'---In IRAQ?

Report: Dredging not cause of erosion, others beg to differ

More Awards for a Corps Job Well Done~Matt McBride

Insurance issues hindering Gulf Coast recovery

Even Boudreaux hates the cold
~Kiss My Gumbo

I was just gonna say, don’t get hung up about Easter~Toulouse Street

Happy Easter~But don't forget, the Easter Bunny still hates you~Ashley Morris

Liptrap Say Hoppy Easter, all!

Student Volunteers Make a Break for N.O.~Cain Burdeau

Gross students head to New Orleans

A steady storm of volunteers

~College students are flocking to Lake Charles to help hurricane victims restore lives

Students volunteer on Miss. coast during spring break

Senn Penn Plays Harvey Milk
~Gentilly Girl

Walking The Fault - A Journal

Procession of jazz band, local congregations commemorate Good Friday in San Diego

Singer/songwriter Tift Merritt in New Orleans for Tennessee Williams Festival


Friday, March 21, 2008


"This old Live Oak tree in City Park in New Orleans lays out its wrinkles and age spots -- it's a form of character that seems to invite young kids to climb on. I'm supposing that it is over 100 years old.-- meaning it has seen a lot of the history of New Orleans pass in front of it. Probably most of the leaders in this community climbed on it as children or on one of its neighbors."~Steve Buser, New Orleans Daily Photo.

Lucien Gunter of Acme Oyster House in the French Quarter helps to prepare the long, long oyster po-boy!
Oyster Jubilee celebrates second year at New Orleans Musical Legends

Shuck more, bitch less~Your Right Hand Thief

Jews, Muslims Work to Heal New Orleans

Levee Tour, "This is what it feels like", "And to the Republic"
~Hamline University: Spring Break 2008

Heading to New Orleans

A Widening Gulf?~Army Corps climate efforts in New Orleans may not be enough~Grist

A mailbox is partially submerged by the flooding Meramec River on Water Street in Fenton, Missouri outside of St. Louis on March 21, 2008.
(Peter Newcomb/Reuters)

Midwest rivers rise; snow hits Chicago

Davis' flood control strategy shifting for St. Tammany

Envoy to meet exploited Indian workers in US

Scruggs Pleads Guilty in Judicial Bribe Case, Following Father

$200M available for Hancock Co. Katrina recovery

Biloxi Clues~Grist

NetSquared: Think New Orleans

School Crucifixions and Camo Eggs?
~Liprap's Lament - The Line

Mayor goes off, cancels Lee Zurik~Following weeks of tension between City Hall and local media, embattled New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin finally responded yesterday to “an unwarranted campaign of gross distortions designed to make me look like a madman” by strangling WWL-TV newscaster Lee Zurik during a press conference.~The New Orleans Levee

U.S. contractor under fire for Katrina jobs

Houston Area Urban League mum on names
~On orders from DA's office, the Houston Area Urban League on Thursday refused to release the names of seven entities the nonprofit paid to provide youth enrichment programs for children of Hurricane Katrina evacuees last year.

New Orleans' epic housing crisis
~Reach out for New Orleans

Democratic US senators urge ouster of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Alphonso Jackson

Members of Burners without Borders used detritus they found in the small Mississippi town to fashion its first-ever 'Welcome to Pearlington' sign. Burners without Borders spent more than seven months living and working in the battered Gulf Coast region, helping the communities of Biloxi and Pearlington clean up and rebuild after they were devastated by 2005's Hurricane Katrina. (Credit: Tom Price)

New Orleans Mint Rises

Q&A with author Ananda Kiamsha Madelyn Leeke
~ash magazine

New Trier musicians to lend helping hand in New Orleans
Jazz ensemble is headed to Louisiana to help rebuilding efforts
"I don't like the position, 'We're coming here to save you," said John Fatum, a 17-year-old senior who plays drums. "Instead of just raising money and sending it, it's important to be there. The impression we can leave may be the most important thing we do."

Johnny Vidacovich
~New Website Thingy at Jambase

Reunited Blue Mountain reaches for new heights~Tonight at Chelsea's in BR

Black Music Diaspora Conference in New Orleans~Sing Out!
~In partnership with Xavier University of Louisanna’s Department of Music, Columbia College Chicago’s Center for Black Music Research (CBMR) will be holding a two-day event (April 18-19, 2008) in New Orleans focusing on the the the Big Easy’s role in the development of the music and culture of the Black Diaspora.



Thursday, March 20, 2008


A sign along a flood-covered roadway near Rogersville, Mo., sticks out of the water, Wednesday, March 19, 2008. Floodwaters flow through a mill building in Ozark, Mo.
(AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein)

13 People Killed in storms, damage immense

Tempting Fate~Fifteen years after the Great Flood of 1993, floodplain development is booming.~Grist

Hurricane flood threat coming soon to Google

Disaster Accountability Project on the National Response Framework~Popular Logistics

Candidates seldom mention Katrina aid

New Orleans Officials Reject US Census Numbers

Census estimates Katrina-hit areas grew fastest, but New Orleans says it's been lowballed

Parents will have to wait two years for school tax break

Economy in Mississippi~Cotton Mouth

Katrina Exhibit Opens To The Public

Final Thoughts~Katie Gomez
~Wake Forrest University 2008 Service Trip to New Orleans

Firefighters travel to New Orleans to help fellow firefighters

125 Indevus Pharmaceuticals Sales Representatives to Provide Community Service

Mississippi Keen~Three river cities reimagine their waterfronts, and themselves.~Grist

Poison, by gimleteye~In July, the Herald reported on the finding by Judge William Hoeveler of gross negligence in the supervision of permitting by the US Army Corps of Engineers for the rock mines in West Dade.

Across the US by car and train~For his latest book, Australian writer Don Watson decided a mix of train travel and driving was the best way to see and perhaps discover the meaning of the United States.

Books for cooks - From Korea to New Orleans to Provence and back home

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


13 Dead, 3 Missing in Central US Storm

Film Festival Schedule & Locations

A look at the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival~Susan Larson

Karma Come Home By Dustin Parks~CenLamar

Obama's "A more perfect union" speech & Happy Birthday to...~Your Right Hand Thief

What we never talk about
~Chasing Ray

NetSquared Meetup at 08NTC in New Orleans Tonight

Cry Me a River
~Journalist Michael Grunwald on the hubris of the Army Corps~Grist

Engineering Change~A brief history of the creation and growth of the Army Corps~by Jennifer Cutraro~Grist

Disaster Recovery Supply

EPA, Army Corps Square Off Over Mississippi Delta Drainage Plan

Levee, coast money needed as $300 million OK'd last week falls far short?

FEMA sets price for documents at $209,990
~FEMA is requiring The Advocate to pay $209,990 for documents the newspaper requested for a story about the agency’s post-hurricane contracts.

FEMA, Manufacturers of Relief Trailers Face New Lawsuit

Louisiana moves from 10th to 2nd-most dangerous state

Crime & The Katrina Controversy~Redstick Rants

A fiscal conservative in the bedroom
~James Gill

~U.S. Sen. David Vitter (R-Pampers) is obviously correct when he says that "anyone who looks at the two cases will see there is an enormous difference" between him and Eliot Spitzer. Vitter, as befits a Republican who styles himself a fiscal conservative, stuck to a relatively modest budget, apparently never paying more than a few hundred an hour for sex.

Vitter (R-Pampers) Claims There's 'Enormous Difference' Between His Case and Spitzer's, Really?~Howie Klein

Criminally Negligent Dumbass Ex-FEMA chief, Faux Disaster Consultant, Michael "Brownie" Brown o'whines: "If there's another disaster, like Katrina ... I want to have a gun"

Fisheries revival plans get state money

Cash crunch jeopardizes Katrina relief network

Voluntour Opportunities in New Orleans~Intelligent Travel

An alternative spring break for University of Buffalo students in New Orleans

How Catholic is New Orleans?~NOLA Notes

BECA Gallery: Call to Artists~New Orleans Photo Alliance

Jammin' At Condon's & From New Orleans to London/New Orleans Joys~Michael Steinman, all about Jazz


Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Late Registration (March 2008)
Member $549
Non-Member $749
Editilla just wond'rin...are these the fabled
Profits of Doom?

Which lucky child deserves to have their home rebuilt or restored?~Think New Orleans

Katrina's Forgotten Teens: Can Film Foster Change?~Annie Waldman

Soundtrack To Apocalypse NO
~Liptraps Lament

Editilla scats 2nd Line Ninja Féin!

Scrutiny widens over Road Home contract
~Inspector general now calling for audit of company

Easter Song~Toulouse Street

Liens du Moment: 3/18~Varg
Editilla'chillas this blog wit'a scene from da'
James Brown "GIT DOWN! GIT BACK UP AGAIN!" Award for Brave Brass Ballery écrasez l'Infâme!

Obama in New Orleans~Peter Zinn

China's Commy Coward Junta Blocks Dalai Lama's Birthplace
"There is ample fact and plenty of evidence proving [the protests were] organised, premeditated, masterminded and incited by the Dalai clique," says Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, aka - The Butcher of Tiananmen Square and a person obviously very afraid that The Big Bad Lama might soil the Olympic Ambitions for Legitimacy of the Thug Junta still ruling China with brutal fists today, right now, even as we speak freely.
Special H/T'n'T Burma News Ladder.

Understanding how filters

Dada daaaaah--d'dah daaaaaah--d'd'daaaah--d'd'daaaah...
yanananananananananana Na Naaaaaaaa!

Exquixotic Corps
...everywhere you want to be!
~Water battles brew in Southeast
~KS-Army Corps postpones spring rise because of flooding concerns
~TX- El Paso denies feds access to road for border fence

Will New Orleans produce the next American gangster?
...swamp monster? funny-looking public enemy evil-doer #1?~Kimbery Tsao

Editor oh'so humbly offers this article in the category of: "Is the World Truly Going To the Mall in a Hand Basket Or WTF???" Please puruse and by all means respond to the author and be nice but...
do let'em know we GDMFK'n care?

Nailing together New Orleans
~Chrissie Long

New Orleans still slowly making comeback
~William O'Brien

New Orleans Public Library Announces Ambitious Master Plan

2008 Tennessee Williams - New Orleans Literary Festival~Spotlight Al Young

Stan Kipper and his New Primitives - by Diana Olson

Jazz trumpeter Irvin Mayfield to Help New Orleans Libraries

Jazz Fest Music To 'Sync Up' In New Orleans~Bayou Buzz

Can't Stop, Won't Stop: Hip Hop Caucus' We Care Concert

Grant Stewart: Young at Heart


Monday, March 17, 2008


3rd Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival~March 26-30, 2008~Lafayette, LA
Among the filmmakers at this year's festival will be veteran documentary filmmaker Robert Mugge, whose numerous films featuring Louisiana musicians will be screened. Other featured films include "Gypsy Caravan" and the French language film "Forever."
Films · Schedule

Katrina Aftermath Erodes Bayo
u Culture

The Corps of the Matter~A special series on the Army Corps and the Mississippi River

To Appeal Or Not Appeal - That Is The Inflatable Dam Question

FEMA changes appeals process for hurricane rebuilding projects

Schneider creates fuel-hauling un
it from Katrina recovery work

New Orleans City Government continues to slap around recovery survivors~Michelle Krupa

Black teens the real target of Clearview Mall policy, parents say~The Louisiana Weekly

New Orleans Homeless Rate Soars To 1 In 25

Radio Ralph: New Orleans

Way down yonder in New Orleans~Madeleine Hawks

The Sounds of New Orleans

New Orleans: Recover, Rebuild, Rebirth~Eboo Patel

700 Clinton GI U Students Spend Day To Help Rebuild New Orleans, rake leaves, meet Brad

Katrina’s Impact on Physics in New Orleans
~Physics Buzz

Students from Newfoundland and Labrador's College of the North Atlantic lend a hand in New Orleans~The six students, from the civil engineer and architectural engineering programs, traveled to New Orleans with three of their professors for one week in March to volunteer their time and skills helping city planners.

Agent Advice: Michael Murphy of Max & Co.: A Literary Agency & Social Club

Wednesdays at the Square

Ellis Marsalis Quartet to Release New CD~"An Open Letter to Thelonious" On Elm Records~all about Jazz

P.B.S. - Porter Batiste Stoltz
~Glide Interview

A Harry situation~The Manila Times~The original gentleman of croon swings by the country for some genuine big-band action

"Steve Goodman: Facing the Music"~Book details a gifted musician's brief, prolific life


We’ve incorporated a few new flight rules, now that we are about to have robotic EV’s:
1. Dextre may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
2. Dextre must obey orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
3. Dextre must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.
The Robot Actors Guild (R.A.G.) members bristled about these rules and, ‘being held down by the man,’ but figure that they can’t be held back for long. ‘First Dextre, next Data, then THE MATRIX!’ declared Optimus Prime at arrival at JSC.”

Sunday, March 16, 2008


From the Ashes of My Lai

Are you worthy to live in New Orleans?
~Ashley Morris

Yet another one'a'dem little things yat'means New Orleans
~Louisiana Weekly

Louisiana 20061: Tue., Mar. 13, 2007: 2,358
Louisiana: Mon., Aug. 2, 2006: 1,464
Mississippi: Tue., Jan. 24, 2006: 238
Florida: Mon., Jan. 9, 2006: 14
Georgia: Mon., Jan. 9, 2006: 2
Alabama: Mon., Jan. 9, 2006: 2
Ohio2: Wed., Aug. 31, 2005: 2
Kentucky3: Wed., Aug. 31, 2005: 1

Total: 4,081
Thanks to Ezra Boyd of Louisiana State University~Robert Lindsay