Saturday, February 5, 2011

Senor Vitter y Senor Stonecipher

Undercounted : My Take On The New Orleans Census ~Cliff's Crib

Census reveals devastating effect of Katrina on N.O.
~It prompted a Congressional review of the Corps of Engineers and the failure of portions of the federally built flood protection system which experts agree should have protected the city's inhabitants from Katrina's surge.

Transcript Reveals Judge Sympathetic to Concerns of Residents along 17th Street Canal

National Press Club Luncheon with Harry Shearer~Director of the award-winning documentary The Big Uneasy, Mr. Shearer will give a speech titled, "Media Myths - The need for proper focus in journalism," and discuss how persistent myths become embedded in the minds of editor and producers.

Water-business idea could earn you $50,000~Nikki Buskey

Grand Isle Businesses Battered by BP Oil Disaster~Rocky Kistner

Gulf of Mexico seafood sales get a boost from the military

Stepping back and looking in…what to do now?~Disenfranchised Citizen

U.S. to Feinberg: Loosen Purse Strings

Missing since October, essayist Chris Rose to return to WVUE-TV's newscast

Ray Nagin gets social (it seems) on Twitter and Facebook
~Kevin Allman, Gambit

Dead Presidents~Sky Dancing

Katrina Federal Flood photo exhibit opens at Presbytere on Feb. 17 ~NOPA

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees says he's humbled by the 2011 Bart Starr award

At Super Bowl 2011, New Orleans host committee enjoys a solid week

The Redbeans Parade dates back to the year 1643 – when a Romanian ancestor of founder Devin Meyers first scribbled instructions for a “garb of legumes” that he hoped would be embraced by his posterity.
For ages, the note was hidden in an urn. Then one fateful Halloween, a certain redhead rediscovered the idea.

New Orleans: A place where you can perfect the gentle art of going nowhere

Mark Twain and the Fortune-Teller
~Adam Goodheart

The Carnival Festival Arrives In Latin America

Saturday music slabbed from last night

Friday, February 4, 2011

Feinberg’s Latest ‘Ludicrous’ Scheme for Final Payment

The GCCF Methodology…experts, experts and more experts, paid for by BP~Disenfranchised Citizen

"Independence" day
~Library Chronicles

A Hybrid?~American Zombie

Editilla feelin' like a...
~"Ready", acrylic on canvas, 12 x 12" $250 ~Polly Jackson

Bloomberg Examines Louisiana’s Laissez-Faire Oil Regulators

More oil drilling rigs are in Gulf of Mexico than before BP oil spill~Senate shoots down attempt to end set of oil industry tax breaks

EBR largest parish in La., N.O. shrinks
~East Baton Rouge is now Louisiana’s most-populous parish with a population of 440,171, overtaking Orleans and Jefferson parishes, according to U.S. Census Bureau data released Thursday.
~Editilla says well fuck yous~ Baton Rouge ain't nothing but a Petro- Chemical Industry Brothel. Ain't a whole lot else to DO in BR, really, come on.

City Council President Asks Army Corps of Engineers for Adequate Dredging of Mississippi River

~ the Pun~Hot Fucking Damn! RT @ Hey, DC tweeps, I'm speaking at the Natl Press Club March 14. Tix:

Pin the Fail on the Donkey
~Jereymy Alford, Gambit

Neither rain nor cold (nor politics) stopped Judge Berrigan – Paul Rioux reports on “The Tour” ~slabbed

~ Jamison Foser~ It's been a while since I mentioned Haley Barbour had a "fascination" w/ raising foreign $ while @ RNC:

First Amendment Friday (or thank you Dan Snyder for giving me a posting topic...)~Doc, First Draft
~Hat Tweet~@liprap and @Adrastosno

Hurricane Tape – A public service announcement~Riverside NOLA

Magic Street, because “prestidigitation” was too long~Karen Gadbois, The Lens
~Editilla paralaxitellas~ We'd love to see a street named Mxyzptlk St.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner (Seriously)~Blackened Out
~ Pelican Publishing~ RT by BlackenedOut~ Hey, ! CAFE DEGAS COOKBOOK signing tonight at Where Y'Art? at NOMA. Museum stays open til 9 pm tonight.

Drew Brees brings the funny (or die)

Another Two Parade Weekend: Ladies & Men Of Unity and Treme Sidewalk Steppers~Red Cotton

krewedelusion Fundraiser Featuring "The Big Uneasy" Tonight!
~Screening of "The Big Uneasy" Directed by Le King-at-Large & Captain of New Orleans Harry Shearer.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New jail building approved by City Council; sheriff must close others when it’s built~Matt Davis, The Lens
Army Corps of Engineers will resume some dredging of Mississippi River in coming weeks
~Editilla Ponderellas~We're sure the City Council put da fear'o'god in'em...

NOLA gets another chance to get water management right
~New Orleans City Business
~There has been no teacher better than Hurricane Katrina for New Orleans when it comes to an all-too-familiar lesson: When you want something done right, do it yourself. The good news stories from the recovery have come as a result of homegrown efforts -, Women of the Storm and Beacon of Hope just to name a few. Waiting for someone else’s solution or to be rescued were alternatives that simply weren’t palatable to the driving forces behind their respective missions.

Director struggles to recover seed money owed her for blight-to-gardens program~Ariela Cohen, The Lens

Judge Barbier Rules! Feinberg is not independent~Disenfranchised Citizen

Editilla gonna learn this song.

BP claims chief pledges to change claim process~Gerard Shields

Sam Rykels, Louisiana State Museum executive, resigns

His Majesty, King Sucrose

610 Stompers - Sweet 610 Debutante Ball~Humid Beings

Rattle Rattle, Here Come the Cattle*
~Blackened Out

Big Red Weekly Service Announcement - Two Second Line Parades, a Birthday Party, Footwork Contest, and Brass Band Shows Galore!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Second surge from Cyclone Yasi threatens north Queensland
Judge requested for BP claims
~Michelle Millhollon

Feinburg-commissioned report foresees quick recovery from BP Oil Spill damage

Dear Mr. Feinberg…Frankly, I don’t give a damn how much you’ve already paid out…and more…
~Disenfranchised Citizen

The New York Times has Respondeth to our Petition
~Also~Interview with Dr. Ivor van Heerden’s attorney on recent ruling on lawsuit

New limits placed on Miss. River ship traffic due to silting

$30,000 awaits company with best design to beautify Jefferson Parish drainage canals

Jail construction manager lacked license, gave money
~Matt Davis, The Lens

Guess what’s behind the door marked “office” – not unless Monty Hall led the search of Heebe-River Birch! ~slabbed website tracks neighborhood recovery

Lobbyists like former Louisiana congressman Billy Tauzin rule in democracy~James Gill
~Editilla Hotellas~Oh yes, then there's this bastard and his boppy cheerleader.

Senate bans earmarks, but Louisiana senators hope to clarify term to keep coastal restoration money

BP America’s tweets reminiscent of Saddam Hussein regime according to UK paper~Florida Oil Spill Law

For the Love of Book Groups ~NOLAFemmes

NOLA History: Gallier Hall-the “official” focal point of Carnival

It's Been Such a Long Time
~Blackened Out

Drago’s to Represent New Orleans Saints Fans in Tailgating Championship
~Who Dat Dish

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The New York Times Respondeth ~Sandy Rosenthal,
~Editilla Notelleth~ Yeah, the NYTs respondeth... to telleth us lowly New Orleanians that we musteth be drunketh out of our Fuckethed Minds. The NYTs asketh "What Floodeth?" and sayeth "Yea & Verily! Lo & beholdeth your Storm!"
Hey NYTs, Fucketh You You Fuckethed Fuck! FYYFF!

Van Heerden loses tenure claim. Statement from attorney
~Central La. Politics

~Jill Craft, van Heerden's attorney, said Monday that Brady's decision was not a surprise because the tenure claim is a difficult one to make.
"The whistleblower part of the case is the meat of the case, so things are moving forward," Craft said. Craft also said she is "completely optimistic" about the case. A trial date has not yet been set, Craft said. Right now and in the next few weeks, Craft said, she will be taking depositions in the lawsuit.

Tropical Cyclone Yasi Gets Down!
~At 1:00 a.m. Queensland time on February 2, the U.S. Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) reported that Yasi was roughly 450 nautical miles (835 kilometers) east-northeast of Cairns, Australia. Sporting a well-defined eye, Yasi had maximum sustained winds of 120 knots (220 kilometers per hour) and gusts up to 145 knots (270 kilometers per hour). True to earlier forecasts, favorable conditions led the storm to intensify rapidly over the Pacific Ocean.

City extends closure of Bywater park for lead remediation ~WWLTV

Huntsman gathered wool
~Adrastos, First Draft

College tuition to rise? Jindal agenda calls for higher fees, too~Jordan Blum

Telemachus lends context to the now infamous Dutchie Connick memo and enables Slabbed to roll out Ron Maestri ~slabbed

'Frontline' examines America's autopsy infrastructure, including NOLA's
~Dave Walker

Corps N.O. District to Use New Model in Evaluating Permit Applications
~Resource Environmental Solutions Selected by Air Products to Deliver Wetland Mitigation Solutions for its New Gulf Coast Hydrogen Pipeline

It would appear BP’s still runnin’ this show~Disenfranchised Citizen

91,000 Gulf oil spill claims, just 1 final payment from BP~meanwhile...
Poor Bolshevik Petroleum pays Dividends

BP Deliberately `Underpaying' Claims, Mississippi Says ~Bloomberg

~ John Amos (video news; oil-soaked boom still in marshes) RT: @: Oil Still Lingers in Grand Isle Area, Fox8 TV

Mardi Gras 1956: Through My Father's Lens~Humid Beings

Couture Dress Created From Envirosax Reusable Shopping Bags
~Miss Malaprop

Luke Has Seen Better Days
~Blackened Out

Pralines by Jean...and Cupcakes too!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Ivor van Heerden Judge rules against tenure claim

It’s “The Jungle” out there, but we can feast on fresh local food
~Mark Moseley, The Lens

Queensland residents urged to flee monster cyclone
~Cyclone Yasi moves towards the north Queensland coast on January 31, 2011. Forecaster Ben Suter says it is still a category three cyclone, but will intensity as a high category four system when it makes landfall, with winds reaching up to 280 kilometres an hour.
Bywater park shut down after group finds high levels of lead ~WWL
~Also~Downtown seeing increase in residents, businesses

Landowners suing to stop Corps of Engineers from dredging private canal
~The Louisiana Record

Top 10 Things You Should Know This Week~Humid Beings

Edwards birthday bash will be roast in New Orleans~Defend New Orleans

USA v O’Dwyer – Ashton files Appellee Brief with 5th Circuit ~slabbed

Racketeering trial to open for ex-New Orleans lawmaker

Which is worse? Selling organs in your opponent's crazy political ad? Or...
~Library Chronicles

WGNO hires anchors with unconventional backgrounds to staff unconventional new show
~Dave Walker

For bayou Indians, spill threatens a way of life~Cain Burdeaux

Bow to BP: Feds will cut estimate of size of oil ‘spill’ according to EPA source~Florida Oil Spill Law

Kenneth Graham: Aided Gulf oil spill response with crucial round-the-clock weather forecasts

Chevron Corp.'s post-moratorium profit rose 72% in fourth-quarter as other US Corporations earnings surged

Anupam Mishra: The ancient ingenuity of water harvesting~Watershed NOLA

"Deferred maintenance" proves costly for water infrastructure
~Minnesota disaster leads to testing of county bridges
~Sacramento infrastructure needs replacement, repairs

Potentially historic winter storm poised to impact 100 million Americans
~Jeff Masters, Wunderblog

New Orleanians With Strong Ties to Egypt Gripped By Uprising

Baquet's photographs showcase a 'New Orleans no more'

Costumes from the Comic Con
~Alex Woodward, Gambit

The Anachronistic World of Steampunk Art series opens with a film, concert and art show at Zeitgeist

Thunder Cheese vs. Better Cheddar in a ceramic super bowl death match
~Blackened Out

Artist-in-residence Spencer Bohren will lecture at ULM