Thursday, December 22, 2011

Drew Brees: MVP stats, but still wanting to get better ~Jay Vice, WWL
Recovery School District releases final decisions on school sites

In Judy's Kitchen: Atlanta Falcons 'Dirty Birdseed'

New Orleans Gets a Good Defense Lawyer
~Mac McClelland, MoJo

LA attorney general files suit over offshore drilling revenue

Entergy reports radioactive leak at St. Francisville nuclear plant

Corps adds Atchafalaya Basin to Inspections

What's the holdup with the levee upgrades? Corps of Engineers still has not issued OK on it's own work~After three years of design work, construction is set to start in early 2012 on repairs and upgrades for 64 miles of flood control levees in Madison, St. Clair and Monroe counties. Trouble is, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers still has not issued its OK for the project's design, nor has the federal agency indicated when it will do so, according to Les Sterman, the chief engineer for the Southwestern Illinois Flood Prevention District Council, which met Wednesday morning in Collinsville. Part of the problem is the fact the corps is insisting on performing its own review, while also calling for an outside firm to conduct a second review, Sterman said.

Water and Wastewater Construction: Continued Gloom or Future Boom?
~Angela Godwin

Shell Oil Spill off Nigeria - Questions ~SkyTruth

Barbour: Legacy is Katrina and a dominant state GOP ~Sid Salter, Clarion Ledger

Fisherman's idea brings new life from rubble of old Twin Spans ~WVUE

Record sugar harvest expected

Grand Isle among top-five island getaways

Harrison Ford signs on to NOLA-shot sci-fi story 'Ender's Game'

Bonfires set to go up in flames despite river, rain

Café helps Saints' Strief satisfy hunger to help

Happy Holidays from The Pelican Club
~Blackened Out

7 Days of Holiday Cheer in New Orleans
~We Live to Eat

Home For The Holidays at House of Blues~He Said/She Said NOLA


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Kind of Magic -or- Drew Brees: Mindfreak ~moosedenied
Rivalry between the New Orleans Saints and the Atlanta Falcons is reaching a boiling point
~Mike Triplett

On Hating the Falcons
~Grand Master Wang, NOLA DEFENDER

Vieux Carre Commission battle over crime camera goes to a draw

Foundation awards $680,000 in grants to 33 community organizations

Firm hired to evaluate Ken Feinberg's oil spill claims process

Corps can do better flood management

DHH to cut 69 positions. Restructuring plan turns over IT duties to UNO, ULL

Port of New Orleans gets $16 million terminal

Report tells of trans-Louisiana yacht delivery

~Bill Ellzy

Oysters are plentiful but pricey this holiday season ~Judy Walker

Innovative Sales Solutions Connect Fishermen and Shrimpers Directly with Consumers

Nigeria Oil Spill Raises Concerns About New Drilling Tech~Brandon Keim, Wired

Build a Bike and Make a Difference

The Beer Buddha's Top 10 List of the Best (and Worst) Beery Shit That Happened in New Orleans in 2011

Bayou beef jerky and Cajun stocking stuffers ~Ian McNulty

Oops, is that a hole in my pocket? Meauxbar Bistro~He said/She Said

New Orleans' best bourbon spiked eggnogs crowned at 'Tales of the Toddy', recipes included

~Hat Tweet BywaterNeighborAssoc~It was the day before Christmas and all through the nabe, the word went forth, 'The Farmers Market is Open!" The...

Laura Gutschke: Gumbo full of rich history

Irvin Mayfield Helps Bring Music to the Hornets ~Alex Rawls, offBEAT

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

~Brain-eating tap water amoeba kills at least two in Louisiana~Deborah Dupre, Examiner
~It is Naegleri fowleri, a rare amoeba that lives in warm fresh water that attacks the brain, causing death. The brain-eating amoeba is blamed for three deaths in 2011.
Louisiana health officials have issued a warning Friday to residents about nonsterilized tap water after at least two people, one in De Soto Parish and the other in New Orleans, died after exposing their brains to a deadly, water-borne, brain-eating amoeba while flushing their nasal passages.
~Editilla Ya-Yas & Bootellas~

Hey Yous Dirty Birds! We gonna kick yo asses in da Sacredome!

Corps of Engineers agrees to third-party review of levee debris
~West Bank residents were obviously very worried about the extensive debris — literally piles of junk — found in the levees and it’s concerning that there could be much more still be to be found,” Vitter said. “We can’t tolerate any more negligence when it comes to our levees, something that has unfortunately been the norm for the corps for a long time.”
~Editilla Crowtellas~ Yeah yeah, we hear ya mouf talkin. Sorry, Lil' Bitty Vitty, buuuut you sound like a milquetoast: whining and pining, buzzin about like you've got nothing.

Want to Understand Politics, the Economy, Everything? Follow the Levees~Jim Schutze

Donelon blasts revival of $92 million award vs. Citizens

Louisiana College Denied Reaffirmation of Accreditation, Placed on Warning Until At Least December 2012 ~CenLamar

Crackdown at Occupy New Orleans: Mayor Landrieu’s Peaceful Authoritarianism
~Matt Reichel, AlterNet

~Editilla MOtellas~ Here we come, walking down the street.
We get the funniest looooks from everyone we meet.

Digital doomsday: No faith in America, Newt?
~Mark Moseley, The Lens

Pre-order your UL commemorative book!
~It’s been a magical season of UL football, and it’s ended in spectacular fashion – a Ragin’ Cajuns win at the New Orleans Bowl. To commemorate the good times, The Daily Advertiser, along with presenting sponsor LHC Group, will publish a special hardbound, full-color book on the Ragin’ Cajuns’ season! Pre-sales are already under way, and, for a very limited time, the book can be ordered for a special price of only $24.95. (Regular price will be $34.95).

AECOM Awarded Contract for New Orleans Streetcar Expansion Project

South La. providing training, boats for Iraq navy ~Cara Bayles

~Hat Tweet~Happy National Fried Shrimp Day! Make sure you're frying Louisiana shrimp!

Drive-by artist leaves decorative doorways where there was only blight

Mad Man of the South: Bryan Batt's Big, Easy Style~Karen Dalton-Beninato

Joy Theater lights up tonight
~Alex Woodward, Gambit

~Editilla Mondellas~ I know, Gentlerillas, it's a hard week before the Big Thingy!
Sooooo think about beating the Dirty Birds next Monday, with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Saints 42 @ Vikings 20: Mauling at the Metrodome~Canal Street Chronicles
~now it's time to get into all the post-game coverage.

Drew Brees is playing as the heart and soul of the New Orleans Saints, nothing is safe.

Fuck The 99%!!!~Nicholas Payton
~Hat Tweet

Oh look...somebody is paying attention
~American Zombie

Len Bahr’s arrest may have been somewhat exaggerated ~LaCoastPost

Restoring the Side Channels along the Lower Mississippi River ~Quinta Scott

It's Monday, time to get slabbed

NOPD Chief Serpas: 'Drive-through window of justice' plagues city~WWL
~A family is preparing to bury a little girl, either on Christmas Day or what would have been the day she turned two years old, after the girl was shot in the head during a drive-by-shooting in New Orleans' Central City neighborhood. The police chief says part of the blame goes to a justice system that can't seem to keep violent offenders off the street.
~Also~Feckless New Orleans judges say they lack the resources to protect domestic-violence victims~Katy Reckdhal

A.E. Phillips’ Lego team brings first place trophy back to Louisiana Tech
~Hat Tweet

Once near extinction, La. alligators thrive
~Nikki Buskey

2011 Tales of the Toddy in New Orleans
~Monkey Dish
~Hat Tweet

Food Truckin' with @LaCocinita! (check them out tomorrow at @NOMA1910)~Yat Cuisine

Holiday Dining In New Orleans

Feliz Navidad from Ideal Market
~Blackened Out

So you wanna tweet a rock 'n' roll star? Tom Petty obliged~Keith Spera
~Hat Tweet the Pun "He also skipped an inquiry about whether he grows his own marijuana." THAT WAS MINE! as soon as he tweeted Here I Is!

Happy Birthday to KermitRuffins. He's throwing a party tonight at Sidney's Saloon!