Saturday, March 1, 2008


Citywide Openings
Ceramics by Bradley Sabin and Susan O'Brien at Ariodante Gallery
Work by Joe Bova
at Taylor Bercier

Clay Under the Big Top
featuring Pandra Williams, Diane Pecnik, Bill Newman, Michele Hudelot, Noami Duffey, Maria LoVullo, and Mark Derby

The Jindal budget~Your Right Hand Thief

Disaster Relief Groups Bracing For Major Funding Loss

Still Coming
~More than two years after Katrina struck, a steady flow of volunteers still come to New Orleans to help with the recovery effort

Editor would like to step in here wit'da Big Thank Youses for these thousands of students coming to town during their spring break to do what ever is within reach for the City That Care Forgot, and the other thousands of brave Americans who continue to come back, to set-up the rest of their year(s) schedules to return to the City That Care Forgot, to those who have decided to remain after rolling in with the initial Tide of Kindness of Strangers to the City That Care Forgot, and of course those who stayed come Dante's Hell or High Water...just say' is enough to make one cry when ya'really start to see the numbers of people across the country who have not forgotten, who have set to make the future in our City That Care Remembered. I surely hope everyone hooks-in, stitches-up, and otherwise comes together or whateva floats yer boat, so we are all ready the next time the rain hits the fan. Let's let'em know we care back, show'em a little love Sinn Féin.

Sistah’s Are Comin’ to New Orleans!~casa de Charlotte della luna

United Nations Blasts News Orleans and Exposes Idiocy~Jeff Crouere

Bush administration's official "Homeless Czar" asks New Orleans mayor, Ray "Baby Head" N(ot)agin, to reconsider homeless plan

City Hall delays homeless removal

Harlan County Kentucky native will soon head to New Orleans to work for The Chocolate Don

Waste and fraud in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina~hearing before the Subcommittee on Investigations of the Committee on Homeland Security, House of Representatives, One Hundred Ninth Congress, second session, June 14, 2006

Toxin Mystery at Las Vegas Motel Deepens ~Ricin'Beans
`Anarchist' Book
found together
in Las Vegas Motel.
There was
no indication of any link to terrorist activity, police said.

Mindfreak Magician to “Hang” in New Orleans
~To attempt the Unbelievable Double Straight-Jacket Escape over Bourbon St!!!
~~as New GalPal does 500-mph UPSIDE DOWN FLIGHT!~Robin Leach

DRUM! Interactive Struts New Orleans with Stanton Moore


Cellist Alisa Weilerstein

~will perform with her mother, pianist Vivian Hornick Weilerstein
~March 4 at the University of New Orleans Performing Arts Center.

Lords of the West Indies:
The Cultural Intersections of Jazz and the English-Speaking Caribbean~all about Jazz

Five minutes ago~Chasing Ray

Friday, February 29, 2008


The South Coast Clay All Stars announces the First Annual Ceramic Arts Conference in New Orleans: A weekend of clay across the Crescent City.
Outdoor Opening:
Dauphin Street and Jordan in the Holy Cross,
downstream-side of the Industrial Canal
~Clay, Kilns, Demonstrations, Exhibitions, Vendors,
Neighborhood Celebration all'dat where'yat! Music in the evening will be provided by the Pinettes Brass Band, the only all-woman brass band in New Orleans, and there will be poetry provided by Chuck Perkins.
Citywide Gallery Exhibitions

National Research Council: Flood Risk Study Taking Too Long

Draft Study on Hurricane Risks to New Orleans Needs Improvement~National Academy of Engineering
Full reports here.

Panel: Study of risk to N.O. is overdue

Engineer says corps delaying drainage work~Consulting engineer Joseph Savoie told the Assumption Parish Police Jury on Wednesday that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has held up a Bayou L’Ourse drainage project for nearly five years.

Editor reqeusts that everyone lift the above ledes on the Exquixotic Corps of Engineers and post/paste them onto your own blogs or otherwise spread them around, even if only in a small link or somet' the aggregated bee thingies will sniff them up on the Web and spread them out even fruther like pollen...ya'know?

For example to counter-aggregate the Corps own PR Spread, starting in the Times Picyune today, regarding levee work in Jeff and St Charles Parrishes. In the face of two major National Reports on Corps Delinquencies yesterday the Picayune offers, what...a quick little spot about a briefing on levee design with no questions asked, replete with a final link to the Corps own website for further propaganda, errrra, information?
Yer eva'so humble editor increasingly fears that Evil Overlords have snuck into the Picayune offices at night and body-snatched their editors to replace them with unfunny android replicants they way they obviously did Rosie, Howard Dean and Brit'nanay.

UN Experts Criticize New Orleans Public Housing Plan
A pile of ruble is shown in front of one of the yet to be demolished buildings at the St. Bernard Public Housing complex in New Orleans, Thursday, Feb. 28, 2008. A United Nations expert said thousands of black families would continue to suffer displacement if the U.S. government and its local counterparts do not halt the demolition of public housing units. (AP Photo/Bill Haber)

A Map of Every City Demolition for Every Zip Code In Orleans Parish Thanks to EditGrid and P.K. Chan~Think New Orleans

Remember Chanell, Remember Them All~Toulouse Street

Gentilly showing signs of rebirth

Jindal & Landrieu push for New Orleans Presidential debate

New Orleans - Part II
~VideoVoice Collective

Purple! Green! Gold! (and more) This year at the Philadelphia Flower Show: What it means to bloom like New Orleans.

Blooming in a Big Easy Way New Orleans gets more than a shy nod at Philadelphia Flower Showof The Morning Call

Altar Eating

Those in the know will soon start looking in the classified section for discreet, only-in-New Orleans ads for St. Joseph’s altars, like the one pictured. These decorative, devotional feast displays are traditionally constructed in the homes of the area’s faithful Italian-American Roman Catholics, who frequently invite the public to sample from them.

Pirates for the Preservation of New Orleans Music Benefit in Austin~featuring the Jolly Garogers


Thursday, February 28, 2008


"Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated," quipped Uriel Little, 76, a former St. Bernard street department worker who evacuated before Katrina. "They can leave my name on there if they want," said Mr. Little, who lives at St. Margaret's Daughters Nursing Home in the Bywater. "It doesn't bother me. I know that I'm still alive, and that's what counts. I just wish the rest could have gotten out," he said. "A lot of people didn't make it, and I knew a good many of them."
Blessings & Peace to Those Souls Lost

Tales of Grave Ulysses~Toulouse Street

Why We are Protesting the New Orleans Times Picayune
~Daily Koz
by scorpiorising
Any questions on Ladder Hangin' Policy can check the Sinn Féin to the right...or peruse the various & sundry, errra..."adulterated" headlines and whatnot rants up'n'down this Ladder. Coincidentally I had my own 'problems' wit'da Picayune and decided to greatly slacken the threads to the TP, mainly as I felt completely blind-sided by Judge Duval's ruling on top of their bad miscoverage of the housing demonstrations. Having seen the TP building during the flood, I cannot understand why they do not range about looking for blood like a pack of Righteous Catahoulas. I love their journalists who lost their minds. I lost mine too, and my heart and any sense of taste and timing, but had to see what other outlets could match their volumn around New Orleans. Thankfully I can report no dearth of news about New Orleans of by and for New Orleanians...particularly and most laudably amongst the nola blog-0-reamery.
Your NO News Ladder depends on news from around the country, and the woild, about Nola as much the reverse from within and without you. Doubleshining. Stitch-hiking. But the real fun of the game for me at 4am (almost) every morning is finding, discovering the news about our Fair Lady. Just' keeps me out of McDonald's with a loaded water gun. And I am quite gratified by everyone's patronage thank you very much.
Like any tide rising it ain't what is not here, ya'hear? Like Hamlet's Revenge we note the tilt of our Ship of State and so move with care about what it means to be or not...subtly camouflaged within verdant, pungent, misty vials of congroovience and implicitudinal demostrafications don't'cha know...
Res Ipsa Loquitur

Fats Domino / Michalopoulos print Donated to the NoLA Rising Auction Part of the Art Show

Robert Green Gets Probation

Do you believe in Robin Hood?~Louisiana Questions

David Vitter is Thinking About Your Granddaughter's Vagina~Chris Kelly

Louisiana Jindal Administration, Censorship And The Internet~Steven Sabuldowski

Louisiana Jindal, Ethics and India~Jim Brown

Treading Lightly~The Army Corps of Engineers' footprints for lakefront pump stations might allow many popular landmarks and homes to remain in place.

Mayor Ray "Babyhead" Nagin reveals details of new blight program

N.O. water board to seek engineering firm proposals

What? Oh Cripes! Now everyone is doing it! Just a few hard corps tourists is all we'll use it on they said, really, emminent threat and all that---What? Ooooooh! Water Board...sorry:)

Gulf dead zone plan stagnates. What now? Go fish?

Recovery Case management to falter, thousands still needing help across the Gulf

Hey, it's just $16.4 million

Lessons for Katrina in Valdez

SALVATIONS- Juried Furniture Exhibition~Join us at 7:00pm on March 14, 2008 for SALVATIONS 2008 - A Juried Furniture Exhibition, Gala and Auction benefiting The Green Project.

A Party Goin’ On Right Here~blogofneworleans

West Virginia Wesleyan College Students Spending Spring Break In New Orleans, will fly the 'Bobcat' flag

New Orleans Ballet Association Presents “River North Chicago Dance Company”

Saturday, March 1, 8pm - The NOCCA Institute - 2800 Chartres

The Heat Is On
Daupine St & Jordan by the Industrial Canal~Friday

New Orleans Artists in Exile
~Jonathan Ferrara Gallery's traveling exhibition of work by displaced New Orleans artists.

Buddy Miles
Buddy Miles, the rock and R&B drummer, singer and songwriter whose eclectic career included stints playing with Jimi Hendrix in Band of Gypsies, hit songs, studio work and as the lead voice of the California Raisins, the animated clay figures that became an advertising phenomenon in the late 1980s, has died. He was 60.


President, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival Foundation 2002-2004, Chair, WWOZ Governance Board 1995-2002

Pianist Jonathan Batiste returns for NHMF show

BackTalk with Glen David Andrews, John Swenson~offBeat


Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Andrea Dezsö

There Will Be Floods by Alex Prud'homme
~Once Again NY Times OP/Ed Promotes Incorrect, Dismiss'directive, Red Herring Cause of Levee Failures. Says Fear the Picture, not the Reality! Believe in the Corps! They Just Want You To Like Them!
Editor never tires of responding to these shell-game 'journalists/authors' with a Letter to da'Editor, but I think the Gray Lady really enjoys getting lots of correspondence. Really, a little hand here?

Corps of Engineers wants to move money around; topic may be aired at Jefferson Council meeting today~Damn! Just when you thought you were done with those breathing masks!

Finances threaten levee work, official says. Here Comes the Fix? OK, Gov Jindal...You're Up!

"I do feel we've been let down by the White House," said John Barry
, a member of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East that oversees levees east of the Mississippi River and the author of "Rising Tide," a noted history of the corps' actions during the 1927 Mississippi River flood. "We are not being properly treated. The president has not been keeping his promise to the region."
This is a common tactic of the Corps of Engineers when manipulating municipalities to follow their command in tax-payer financed projects all across the country. Delay. Through partisan politics in congress they will pit state against state, county against county and parrish against parrish over "finances". We can blame each other for stealing each other's tax money, as with GA, AL and FL recently.
For example, why now, this late in the design phase of the levee rebuilding? Is this why the Corps again delayed the release of the levee report in December?
Foundry no. 2 by egg theorem. Dedicated by Raphie on 4/13/2007 to the Man Without a Country," Kurt Vonnegut (RIP)
They will hold out until we are so afraid of the next flood, the pain, the loss, the sickness that we will be forced to our knees to bend over and assume thier position, accept their bidding, pay their price. They play us like a drug dealer, holding the fix in the air until the junkie is begging for it.
Did they wait for Ohio to flood a couple of congressional sessions before finally taking action on their levees? Missouri? Nevada? California? Louisiana? Places you might not think of in every State of the Union. Why are we now reacting to the demands of the Corps of Engineers again? Who left them in charge? Who will be their next "spokesperson"? Please fang back through past Ladder posts, usually under the category "Exquixotic Corps", for articles on this.
And of course you can contact
We need to GET THESE CREEPY PERPS OFF THE JOB and intitute new government in their place. Why not?
I believe New Orleans is already dancing as fast as it can.
Nothing at the Exquixotic Corps of Engineers has or will change until we haul them before the American People and deconstruct their corrupt management.
Please call for the 8/29 Commission Investigation.
The Ladder covers the Corps all over the country for this reason: It is not only about New Orleans. New Orleans will survive Sinn Féin. Of this your oh'so humble editor has no doubt and nor should the rest of our generous countryfolk, the kindness of our strangers thank you very much. This matters to every American Citizen, a few thousand of whom now stand on this Ladder and should get on the phone to their elected representatives before our phones go out during the next catastrophy.
Or, given that their Charter pre-dates our US Constitution, will the Exquixotic Corps of Engineers simply wait it out and outlive us all? Delay. Time. Water under failed bridges across failed levees will carry failed Lives through the heart of our failed Nation like silt through a cracked and failing hour glass.

Scientists claim Army Corps' 'dangerous experiments' will worsen Mississippi River floods

Army Corps of Engineers barred entry to former CO bombing sites. We don’t trust you, people living in the area told officials at a Monday meeting. Landowners questioned the timing of the inspections, saying it was very suspect the Corps would want to look into it 60 years after the war and in the midst of the controversy over the proposed expansion of the Army’s Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site by 414,000 acres, 646.875 square miles. How big is your county or parrish? For perspective, the state's largest, Vernon parrish: 1,328 sq mi. Just the way this all begs the question of the Corps' Federal Charter and why Sean O'keefe wants to inject his lizard brain into it?

Let Them Eat Dirt! FL residents, Corps of Engineers face off over bomb-site cleanup~Donna West-Barnhill, a contractor hired by the corps to officiate at the meeting, told residents that they can ask that the cleanup be conducted to a high level, such as, "So much so that people can eat the dirt." West-Barnhill told residents that the corps feels that the military is ultimately liable for the costs. Resident Ron Cumello asked, "Are we going to get that in writing?" but received no solid answer.

Arthur Ashe School slated for demolition. Photo by Karen Gadbois.
Recovery School District S.O.S.~Think New Orleans

School Facilities Master Plan for Orleans Parish: Eastbank High Schools~Becky Houtman

Liptrap's Lament-The Line

Dear Senator Vitter - My Modest Proposal~NOLA radfem

Paradise plastic. Cheap and fantastic.~Today's episode of The Library Chronicles

The Appeal of the Appeal of the Property Taxes~Tin Can trailer Trash

Baby-Head Mayor Rips Plan to Empty FEMA Trailers...uuuuh, errrah...Ooooo,k'ville, may be he has a final solution?

New Orleans Homeless Pushed Into Barrack. Are We There Yet?

120-foot long and 30-foot wide air-conditioned tent filled with double-decker bunk beds stands on the New Orleans Mission's grounds in New Orleans, Friday, Feb. 22, 2008. The makeshift facility, expected to offer meals and overnight staysfor 120 people, is a short-term solution to what some call a homeless epidemic in the city. (AP Photo/Ann Heisenfelt)

Some Notes on Hillary Clinton in New Orleans from the Point'Coupee Democrat~Cenlamar

Love Me Some Spongebob Taking On Casablanca, The Godfather, etc.~World Class New Orleans

Louisiana to Revamp Mental Health Plan

Community Organizer Robert Green to Be Sentenced

Bad drag~Metroblogging New Orleans

The way we were: New Orleans in 1867

New Orleans Booksellers Rebound

Lucero at House of Blues~9pm



CD Release tonight at the Blue Nile, upstairs 10pm

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


More pictures of Make It Rights

Mid-Century Architecture at Risk in New Orleans

Yazoo Pumps, R.I.P.?
More background information on these Equixotic Corps Pumps here.

Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans environmental report public meeting~6 p.m. at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 6249 Canal Blvd. The meeting presentation will discuss New Orleans lakefront levee west of the Industrial Canal, the Outfall Canal closure structures and the potential areas where borrow material may be obtained. The meeting is free and the public is invited to attend. Thank you New Orleans City Business.

Newly formed coalition is seeking answers to resolving continual flooding problems in Ohio

CDC airs Katrina issues

Huey P. Long, Sean Penn, Katrina, & Non-Random Acts of Kindness~Marking Time

Just sayin'...thanks Think New Orleans

Gold Rush Network, a Company Partly Owned by EMAX Holdings Corporation, Increases Their Investments Into Katrina Re-Development Group

Jasper Company Helps Struggling New Orleans Organizations

Going Green To Help New Orleans

Transit transition: RTA overhauls bus fleet with biodiesel units

New Orleans~the long thread

Examining the Katrina effect~Lecture series at Rice looks at evacuees' lasting impact on Houston
Just as we work to define ourselves as "Survivors of the Corps of Engineers Malfeasance" rather than "Victims of a hurricane", this editor would like to see more "re-branding" or "framing" of this disaster-crime away from the red-herring-boned misnomer of Katrina and more reflective of the true, real and proven reality of: Federal Flood Effect, Federal Flood, Corps Issue, Levee Failures...any more suggestions? Product Liability? Criminal Negligence? Hit & Run?

Ghetto Clearance Part 1~Squandered Heritage

Two key Katrina insurance cases go before Louisiana's high court
~A pair of cases with high-stakes implications for Louisiana's insurance market are scheduled to be heard today by the state's highest court.

Truth Expression Festival to feature live music, art vendors

ASCD to Hold Annual Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, March 15 -17, 2008

'New Orleans Monologues' tells the Katrina story with humor, courage, intensity
...and don't forget to set your calendars, coming in April:
VDAY 1({})

Of Altruism And Malice….Monday Musings~casa de Charlotte della luna
Editor would like to note that sometimes Monday is so kinky that it comes on Tuesday too. Nah, just missed this one yesterday...but follow the subject matter closely.

NYC hound in'da Warehouse District~Ch0whound

Let's let'em know we care, y'all.

Snug Harbor releases its March lineup

Oshkosh musician wins Linkin Park sweepstakes~to join rock band in New Orleans Habitat effort Wednesday

New CD! Kali. Z. Fasteau & Kidd Jordan - Live at the Kerava Jazz Festival: Finland~all about Jazz


Monday, February 25, 2008


Local 'Green Project' Recycling Efforts Help Rebuild New Orleans

'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' Finishing 5o State US Tour in New Orleans~Calls on Nationwide Builder Coalition to Help the Extreme Team Tackle Louisiana~"Even three years later, the gulf region is still suffering in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, and I believe it is going to take the entire nation to rebuild, which is why it makes sense that we would need an extreme coalition of builders from all across this country to pull together and help make a difference in New Orleans for deserving families on the show," says Denise Cramsey, executive producer for "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition."

Freon Capture

Refrigerators have a number of components that shouldn’t be disposed at a regular landfill and in fact should be recycled by an authorized “appliance deconstructor”. Yep that’s the official term for companies that recycle these types of things. After hurricane Katrina over 390,000 large appliances like refrigerators were inspected and deconstructed.

Rodrigue’s Louisiana: Forty Years of Cajuns, Blue Dogs and Beyond Katrina March 1 – June 8, 2008

Nutria Nation: marsh-eating critter rebounds post-Katrina

Hold Everything Dear

Post-Katrina skyline rises along Mississippi coast

Evangeline Franklin points to Katrina to stress need for advance planning

2008 GIS/CAMA Technologies Conference

Pictometry and HitachiSoft to Showcase Technologies at CAMA Show in New Orleans

Story of OPP demolition and 'One to One Replacement' of Jail Cells overlooked during Mayor Goon'Buele's latest Stupid Outburst~Liptrap's Lament

Louisiana Weekly Editorial: Let it go, Mr. Mayor~Think New Orleans

Jindal wants to be GOP convention keynote speaker~Your Right Hand Thief

The Pulitzer for Getting Katrina Right is Yet to be Awarded~Harry Shearer

For Katrina Evacuees, A Chance to Be Heard

Editor notes the Racist Bias in the Washington Post's continued portrayal of those affected by the Federal Flood as mostly black, contrary to prevailing data and Editor's own lyin'eyes.

Lawsuit hits medical access post-Katrina

Legends of Mississippi tort crumble, one-by-one

Church Aids Katrina Survivors

Doomsday vault opens in bid to preserve seeds

Gardens of New Orleans: Exquisite Excess

LINKIN PARK To Help Rebuild Homes In Hurricane-Affected New Orleans Area


Sunday, February 24, 2008


Beignets on da' rated beignets on how well they measured up to Café du Monde, as well as the traditional homemade beignet, made from leftover bread dough, a taste of south Louisiana culture and a tradition believed to stretch back more than 200 years.

Thibodaux music store plays pivotal role in storm recovery