Saturday, August 30, 2008


Gustav swells to 150 mph

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NOAA~Evac Zones Tool Template
~Trop Cyclone Model Guidance H/T-Huch UpChuck

New Orleans update

New Orleans' Airport to close Sunday at 6pm

Humane Society to help with pets

Federal support as states act in advance of Gustav

Evacuation Measures in Place Around New Orleans

Gustav evacuation plans gear up

Gulf Coast readies for Hurricane Gustav

Gov. Barbour Orders Mandatory Evacuations

Gustav Isn't Screwing Around, and Neither is the City of Dallas

D/FW will play key role in New Orleans evacuation if Gustav hits

TX National Guard troops activated as Gustav grows

New Orleans evacuation could touch Georgia

With storm looming, Massachusetts state emergency officials head to Louisiana

Gustav Cuts U.S. Oil Imports, Gas Supply, Refinery Operations ~Sorta settling the question of rebuilding the Port of New Orleans and Louisiana

New Orleans: Nobody Asked, Why Not Sooner?
~Harry Shearer

New Orleans asks: Will the rebuilt levees hold?
~Cain Burdeau

Editilla says don't bet your life on it!
August 28th, 2008:
I went again to the 17th Street Canal Levee Breach "Repair" and stuck my hands, this time wrist deep, down into the Leaking Flowing Water, right in the middle of the famous expensive T-Wall Repair, at sections 6-7. I had to stalk around in the Marsh Grasses covering up the wet ground. The "Wet Spot" had indeed shrunk some to a circle about 15 yards wide... right at the block of Belair and Spencer, 40 paces from the base of the levee toe in the middle of the "Repair". It is still leaking, brackish tasting water. Still. Leaking.
But what concerns me most is the storm surge down the still failed MRGO and thus into the Industrial Canal and Gentilly Woods and beyond.
Those levees were repaired using incorrect measurements and shoddy workmanship. Period.

Amazing Grace as the coffin passes on Canal Street at the Charity Hospital Cemetery during a Hurricane Katrina Memorial service Friday August 29, 2008 for the third anniversary of Katrina. The coffins in the memorial contain unclaimed or unknown remains of Katrina victims. Photo from Getty Images

No upset this time: No. 7 LSU pounds App State 41-13

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mercredi ~Flags Up!

Gustav forecasts to be Cat. 3 Hurricane in Gulf Saturday

Officials may evacuate
New Orleans as storm nears

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Gustav has state on alert ~Mark Schleifstein

Mayor Ray Nagin leaving Democratic Convention to return to New Orleans --DAMN!

Gov. Bobby Jindal declares pre-storm state of emergency

Independent America:
Rising from Ruins

~Shot in full high-definition digital video, Rising from Ruins will have its worldwide premiere as part of “New Orleans Speaks: We Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting for,” a daylong conference sponsored by The New Orleans Institute. Press Release.

Local filmmakers capture the people helping to rebuild
New Orleans

~The filmmakers focused on the attempts of Seattle volunteers who went to Louisiana to help rebuild the devastated city, concentrating on the attempts by Mercer Island organizer Jack vanHartesvelt to put a ruined Catholic church back together again.

A banana republic?
That's nuts ~Lolis Eric Elie

The Katrina Effect: Politics After the Storm ~Jackson Free Press

The Base Hillary Didn't Touch ~Harry Shearer

New Orleans superintendent Paul Vallas occupies spotlight

Scruggses file motion to strike arguments and exhibits in State Farm’s reply ~slabbed


Army Corps Response Letter

Court says Army Corps can sue Southern Scrap

HUD pours millions into Lafitte ~Katy Reckdahl

Jewish New Orleans undergoing dramatic transformation

Preserving The Modernist Schools of New Orleans
~Life Wityhout Buildings

~New Orleans Still Struggles In Song ~Village Voice

Announcing Earl "Washboard" Sally's First CD!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mardi --Flags Up!

Recovery Signposts
Editilla notellas~My brain just t'rows da'link! Please try again.
~Thank you Gambit, More Soup For You!~
~Editillero Award for "best of" watching our backs!
Doubtless a tall order, coming through wit'da sub'emergent Nola blog'0'reamery vigilatin da'scene. However, Gambit has been swinging a file' pounder for a long time in this gumbo we call...
Our Fabulous New Orleans.
And since the flood, Ace Editor DuBos has marshaled quite a squad of young and vapid editeurilla to carry da'Word, da'Spice. They swingin'da ax, stirrin'da pot,
thickenin'da plot!

Coast Guarding~Mollie Day
~On July 23, more than 20 state lawmakers from across the country gathered in Louisiana to listen to Louisiana's coastal wetlands czar, Garret Graves, chair of the state's Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority. "Take this message home: This is a nationally significant issue," Graves said. "You should care about it because of energy, maritime, agriculture, seafood and money."

Katrina, PTSD Not Over For Louisiana, Mississippi ~Louisiana 1976

Gloves are off in on-air fight

First Draft Covers the Democratic Convention
~Crack Van Alive'bloggin Nola'Gonzos!

10 million net jobs created during Jimmy Carter's term ~Oyster Singing @ First Draft

Gulf Coast FEMA Trailer & Young Survivors in Denver too

The 'Nigga' in New Orleans ~Daily Kos

Hurricane recovery confronts low literacy rate

The Katrina Pain Index: New Orleans Three Years Later
~Bill Quigley for Facing South

Louisiana Business ~Bayou Buzz
~Shaw Group, Westinghouse, Worforce Commission, Fitch Ratings, Katrina Event

'Katrina fatigue' slowing aid, foundation reports

Craft brewers to strut their stuff at Slow Food expo

NOMA: Community Events

Monday, August 25, 2008


Bush aide: New Orleans City Hall is failing at recovery ~Bruce Nolan
Douglas O'Dell, who consults with dozens of federal, state and local agencies and troubleshoots regulatory logjams, said Mayor Ray Nagin's recovery director, Ed Blakely, often does not return his calls and seems to be operating under the premise -- erroneous, O'Dell thinks -- that a new presidential administration next year "will reload the cannon and start shooting money down here."
"I'm basically asking Blakely, who's probably getting paid a whole hell of a lot more money than I am, to do his damn job,"
~Douglas O'Dell.
~Editilla gotta ax'ya~
Who'ya gonna call? "Digger" O'Dell!

Their Wallets Remain Empty ~David Winkler-Schmit

Former Corps of Engineers Leader Appointed to Homeland Security Capital Corp.
~ In a significant move, former military officer Lieutenant Colonel David Diehl Ret. has been asked to head a prominent division of Homeland Security Capital Corporation (OTCBB: HOMS), focused on the environment and federal programs.

HSCC is an international provider of specialized radiological, nuclear, environmental, disaster relief and security solutions for government and commercial customers. Other subsidiaries include Ploimatrix, Inc, and Nexus Technologies Group. A presence in the southeast allows HSCC to take advantage of increased contract opportunities at the Corps and the Army’s Redstone Arsenal facility, home to the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM), and the Space and Missile Defense Command. (SMDEFCOM)
~Editilla bites a 9 penny nail, spits the point into the sun, screams "Double Jeopardy! What is an Orgy of Acronymic Porcine Enshrined Ziggurat Command (OAPEZCOM)?"

Border fence design blasted as causing flooding

New Biofuel Initiative ~blogofneworleans

End of the line for backwoods puppy mill in West Virginia ~Best Friends Network

Sunday, August 24, 2008


New Orleans still susceptible to Katrina-like damage spin cycle
~Editilla notellas~as this article circulates the country its title is usually, by the googol:
"New Orleans Repeating Deadly Levee Mistakes"
We do not have to imagine da'uptic or da'intake of how quickly the ubber'trolls feed
on such galling non-sequiturial meme'ethic myth'nomer.
As Gentle'rillas have drawn, quartered and tasted enough neocoward punk'bile over nailing the perps who flooded New Orleans we say
beg to counter spin this latest cycle of dirty white'wash. Geld this One Trick Pony at birth.

New Orleans is Recovering from Deadly Mistakes.
The Exquixotic Corps is Repeating Deadly Mistakes.

At the risk of surpassing even Editilla's Insane Rudity, I must say we have enough to deal with in trying to deconstruct ASCECORPS' irreally sophisticated public relations machinery while nice, probably unwitting, smart men like levee board member, former CORPS tax-paid consultant and
ASCE past president Tom Jackson cries wolf, "It's the Corps Fault," regarding their still suspect pumps --with which ASCECORPS would hold us down and waterboard us again.

This Ladder continues to demand Tom Jackson's resignation from the Levee Board due to corps conflicts of interests.
Editilla will grant'ya that he is a nice guy.
But NO NO NO! It is Not the Spin of the Storm,
but the levees leaking right now that screams ASCECORPS has not changed!
They have NOT learned a damned thing.

Their 17th Street Canal Breech "Repair" LEAKS.
Their levees in St Bernard have Newspaper in them.
Newspaper for goddess sake.
Paper Mache.
They bloody stuffed NEWSPAPER in a flood wall!
~~I want that fakir's name!
They dangerously miscalculated in Gentilly Woods.
They continue to fuck'truple funding estimates like, bumping the price of these pumps up to a BILLION dollars or the Morganza Levee System up to $12 BILLION --that is with a" B" folks...that is this many zeros: 000,000,000,000. Quiche Capiche? Oh! Now they can complain about "Funding", eh? Want a cool number for the Corps? Try how many Tons of water this passing Tropical Storm Fay dropped on Florida.
Here are some water volume comparisons
for the next time you hear of rainfall amounts in the 8-12 inch range. That is, in cubic inches:

1 gallon = 4 quarts = 8 pints = 128 fluid ounces
= 231 cubic inches

1 liter = 0.2642 gallons = 1.0568 quart
= 61.02 cubic inches

1 million gallons = 3.069 acre-feet
= 133,685.64 cubic feet
62.416 pounds per cubic foot at 32°F
61.998 pounds per cubic foot at 100°F
8.33 pounds/gallon, 0.036 pounds/cubic inch
Density: 1 gram per cubic centimeter (cc) at 39.2°F,
0.95865 gram per cc at 212°F
We cannot afford the benefit of doubt here, and if we give these crooked bastards even a thimbleful of it they will flood the city again, a thimbleful at a time.

The US Army Corps of Engineers,
as they launch yet more deadly spin'filtration,

is Repeating Deadly Levee Mistakes
while We The Tax-Paying People remain Not Safe and Still Vulnerable as we do our best to recover from a growing list of their Deadly Mistakes ~Sinn Féin.
Failed Engineering gets no 2nd Chances.
Failed Engineering gets only 2nd Lines.

Pay close attention to The Man behind your levees!

Barry urges Bloggers to
"get the word out" ~Molly Reid

Random Thoughts on Blogger Conferences ~Huck Upchuck

When Bloggers Come to Blows ~b.rox

Resistance is Futile: My RT3 Review ~pistolette

Rising Tide III
~the mosquito coast

Notes From The Front Table
~Liptrap's Lament - The Line

Speedy Little Bastards Aren't They ~Hurricane Radio

More RT reaction
~Library Chronicles

Inspired~Clancy DuBos

Gulf lease sale attracts high-dollar attention

Full-scale photo installation brings the wreckage of Katrina back to Nashville
Thousands of photos have captured the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina after it hit New Orleans.
But Immersion, a photographic installation that opens at the Parthenon on Wednesday, doesn't just depict scenes from what creator William Rosen calls
"The Great Corps of Engineers Flood of 2005."

Subtitled "A Katrina Room," Rosen's photos bring the wreckage back to life through a life-size recreation of what he found a month after he returned to the home that he, his wife Eddy and their dog Sidney evacuated prior to the storm.
"If the images overwhelm the visitor, if when people go through they are psychologically or emotionally or physically upset, then the exhibit will have been a success," said the fourth generation New Orleanian, an attorney who now makes his home in Franklin.

After Hurricane Katrina struck, Elton Mabry used writing as a way to survive the storm ~Elisabeth Mullener

WALL-E, Katrina and the Art of
Vicki Niolet ~Kimberly Brooks

Elevated houses making a mark on post-Katrina New Orleans landscape ~Renee Peck

Notes from New Orleans:
New Hope for Charity Hospital ~Walter Gallas

Revised tribute to storm victims to debut

Books recall Katrina damage

Any suggestions for cajun/creole vegetarian? ~NO Chowhound

Propeller Shadows New Orleans Musician Tapped For DNC Podium Appearance