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Spared from the Storm: Masterworks from the
New Orleans Museum of Art

Claude Monet (French, 1840-1926),
“Houses on the Old Bridge at Vernon,”
ca. 1883, Oil on canvas, NOMA

Severe weather kills 8; water rises in Indiana

On Wisconsin~Froggy

Information System for Coastal Louisiana
Gentle'rillas can use these interactive sites fo'da sights: zoom WAVICS sat'view out and "curser" the Map up the Mississippi River to Indiana and Illinois and then zoom'click back down to follow the smaller rivers like the Ohio and the Iowa. This is active data. I use the USGS maps to get oriented to the states and their flood gages due to the lack of boundries of the sat'view.
USGS~Flood Stage Levels current 'real-time' guage readings

Editilla still'lifes a woodpecker and wondas~
who built all this wonderful flood control system that is failing miserably
across 3 States up north?

I'll give you one guess!
Or perchance gentle'rillas may enjoy the Public Relations angle from from as recently as April 4th (right about the time the 17th Street Leak was beginning to surface in the larger media) from da'hos mouf of Tim Ruppert and his buddies at the ASCE in their own blog's comment section here?
"It is common for reporters, for instance, to present the considered research and peer-reviewed findings of science right alongside the unsubstantiated rants of people who know nothing of science, who conduct no research and present no facts or evidence to support their propositions."
Does this PR Hack mean the considered research and peer review done by ASCE, that has been discredited as Corps of Engineers Whitewash Collusion?
I suppose this "engineer" is speaking of Robert Bea or Raymond Seed? Or all the engineers behind Or just concerned victims of his group's pirate engineering--like me? Idiots like me have technology to help us along now, to help us get around the ASCE PR prestidigitations with the USACE, their storied "Peer Review", to keep our asses dry and out of the way of those lying bastards. But what is your excuse, Tim Ruppert? You should know better.
Never miss a chance to spread da'love do'ya, eh Timmy?
BTW~have you gone to check on your friend, Jolissaint's "Little Wet Spot"? I try to substantiate all my rants.

Corps expert: Oregon levee not in immediate jeopardy
~A U.S. Army Corps of Engineers expert says a leaking levee near one that failed in 2006 at Klamath Falls is not in immediate jeopardy.
Editilla wrenches and flays, rattles and hums da'tune The Sounds of Cognitive Dissonance~
It would appear the the Quixotic Corps has now hired Karl Rove, Darth Logic Bomber, to write their press?

Leaders tout levee efforts

National Situation Update: Monday, June 9, 2008 ~FEMA Threat Level: Yeller-Rabid
A U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Flood-fight Team is scheduled to arrive this morning to provide technical assistance, especially with levee issues.
Editilla gotta ax'ya~Levee Issues? What levee issues?
Does anyone see any levee issues?
I don'see no steen'keeng levee issues.

You gotta any levee issue? I don'got no levee issues.
I thought all Corps levees were sound.
Nuttin'worse than a bunch'a engineers with issues!

Louisiana, New Orleans, Gulf Coast Future Tied To War Funding~Steven Sabludowsky

Crime a blues refrain for New Orleans

Judge Rules Two New Orleans Public Housing Activists Will Be Put On Trial For Felony Charge

Judge rejects State Farm affiliate's sanctions against policyholders victimized by Hurricane Katrina
Editilla schillas~This post comes from the KC Star.
As gentle'rillas follow our groovus operandi on da'Ladda, this piece had a link back down to the coast to the Sun...where where yer barely awake Editileurilla could not find the story even with a flash light on the puter'screen. Though I did find the 'lab rat story below, I could not find this one. Soooo I coulda'jus gone on over and got me'self further slabbed, where they have been thoroughly airing this whole affair like proper shit'fly attorneys on'da court house wall, light years ahead (in blogger'time) of the herd
--fo'da woid ya'hoid?

Family felt like 'lab rats' in FEMA trailer

Liptrap's Lament-The Line
Oh yeah. Nay, Editilla say Rebel'Hell Yeah! Check this mighty smack'down, dissection, renting, evisceration (alright already) of today's WP bourgeois naivete-masked-as-journalism reporting
"The New Orleans Charter School Experiment".

Taking cue from the Jewish community in New Orleans
~Related story here

New Orleans has mailbox shortage

City Park continues $46.8M recovery

in New Orleans!

Tricky Watermelon Trick
~Blake Makes

"At first glance, you may think you’re looking at just another picture of watermelon slices, but look closely and you’ll see those aren’t watermelons seeds. In fact, that’s not watermelon at all (at least not the way Mother Nature intended it). I’m sorry, but if Ma Nature doesn’t want me fooling with her bounty, then she should make sure it’s sweet."

Taste of New Orleans
~bay area bites

From Lafayette to New Orleans on US 90~Menu In Progress

Nonprofit playground builders hosting seminar in New Orleans

The Beauregard-Keyes House (1826) ~An Alabamian in New Orleans

Frank Zappa's son is keeping the focus on the music
Editilla gotta tol'yaz~Frank was my man.
{Though y'all go check Varg's thingy on Clint Maedgan doing Jane's Addiction at the Ogden.
Whoa! Now that is my man!}
I got into Frank years before ever hearing the funnier stuff. That is what we called him...just Frank. I mean, Uncle Meat was funny but it wasn't really mainstream and it was considered
hard to segway on radio.
Flo and Eddie were just weird to most of my normal friends.
Billy Was A Mountain, Music for Guitar and Low Budget Orchestra. Hell, we (my abby'normal friends) even performed most of Sofa, on a street corner one night in German...a ebriated. Frank probably would not have approved, but the cops thought it was hilarious. Definitely couldn't do that again. Well...
I am the heaven
I am the water
Ich bin der Dreck unter deinem Bolzen
I am the dirt beneath your rollers
Ich bin dein geheimer Schmutz und verlorenes Metallgeld
I am your secret smut & lost metal money
Ich bin deine Risse
I am your cracks
Ich bin deine Risse und dunkle Verstecke
I am your cracks & crannies

I am the clouds
I am embroidered
Ich bin der Autor aller Falten und Damask Paspeln
I am the author of all tucks & damask piping
Ich bin der chrome Dinette
I am the Chrome Dinette
Ich bin der chrome Dinette
I am the Chrome Dinette
Ich bin Eier aller Arten
I am eggs of all persuasion

Ich bin alle Tage und Naechte
Ich bin alle Tage und Naechte
I am all days & nights
I am all days & nights

Ich bin hier
Und du bist mein Sofa
I am here
And you are my sofa
Ich bin hier
Und du bist mein Sofa
Ich bin hier
Und du bist mein Sofa

San Fransisco Summer of Love Legends To Benefit New Orleans

From the Golden Gate Bridge to Lake Pontchartrain, billed as the Summer Of Love's 40th Anniversary, San Francisco's most legendary performers from the Woodstock era are set to descend upon Mandeville, a small and historic community just north of New Orleans over the 4th of July weekend. {Oh Yeah?}
The concert, also a salute to the New Orleans Pop Festival of 1969, headlines Jefferson Starship, Big Brother & The Holding Company, Quicksilver Messenger Service, and It's a Beautiful Day along with the JJ Muggler Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd vocalist Jo Jo Billingsley in a benefit concert for the New Orleans Musicians Clinic, Friends of the Dew Drop Inn and other local charities.

Feed Them On Your Dreams ~Citizen K

Eldridge Holmes Sells
"The Book"~Home of the Groove

ERNIE K-DOE / “Certain Girl”
~Breath of Life

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