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Vendredi~Independence Ladder

Warning: Don't blow your hands off/Lebowski Fest 2008
~37 Flood

Juneteenth or July 4th? Conflict woes as an African-American
~Affrodite's Adventures in Nappy Hair

McCain Girl Vs. Obama Girl
~casa de Charlotte della Luna

~Editilla wanna'tolya~~but can't stop laughing long enough to breath. This has got to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Jeez Louie!
Now I can face Independence Day!


Chris Nearly Drowns ~Bagnews

Happy Birthday, America.
Everyone gets a shovel.
President George W. Bush participates in the ceremonial groundbreaking for the Walter Reed National Medical Center Thursday, July 3, 2008, in Bethesda, Md.

White House photo by Eric Draper
We gonna need mo'shovels...

Vitter hopes war chest can pay legal bills~Sen. David Vitter, R-Pamp., is asking the Federal Election Commission whether he can use campaign money to pay fees related to legal issues and bad publicity he confronted after being linked to a prostitution ring.
~Editilla pops brain into toaster, bites tongue gnashing fingers like a banshee, screams bleating down da'street~

And that goes for Obama paying Clinton's campaign debts. What is the point of giving any money to any candidate if they can just give it to each other
--or other actually professional prostitutes who work harder. It should be just as illegal for Obama to pay Clinton's debts as it is for Vitter to pay for his prostitute debts with our campaign money.

Why don't we instead make honest working girls and boys legal and illegalate these politicians who are making Millions of Dollars running for office.
Screw these rich politician bastads and bastadettes, instead of the poor Madams. This is ridiculous.
Editilla has no problem with folks doing sex however they want to do it, ya'know. It is when someone tries to do it to me, without asking--or even paying for it--that gets under my eyelids like broken glass.
If paying for sin was good enough for his Jesus then why not David Vitter? Happy Birthday, America.

What Fresh Hell?
~Levees Not War
~Get in Barack’s Face
Revised report assesses storm dangers, offers more BS promoting the as yet unreleased ASCE/IPET study done by the Corps for the Corps
And all this time the 17th Street Canal Levee Breach Repair is LEAKING flowing water towards the Lakeview neighborhood. Right now, this very minute. Even as you read this, salt water is streaming beneath the Corps brand new "T-Wall".
That is the problem that I have with this article and the Times Picayune's incomprehensible bias towards its major source Dr. Link. With this Ladder we have wedded together, into an expanding albeit syllogistically sticky web, his colleagues Gerald Galloway, who commanded USACE and VP of Titan Corp-which gets all the concrete contracts,
ASCE former La president and smarmy Fuckmook Tim Ruppert who stands to gain considerably from defending Corps Project Engineering work and his hat'tip friends, and Corps Public Relations Contractors [note: the 2nd PR link has removed testimonial quotes from Corps personnel- clients after they turned up in the article linked to Galloway...HA! Fast, them--but that is why the Corps pays'em da'Big Money!]. I don't care what blog'o'sphere club may wanna be playground epicenter, We the People can no longer trust the word of these criminally compromised engineers--or any other fool that would stand between us and those levees with a Corps of Engineers press release sticking out of their ...mouth. Sorry. These are the same villains who built all of this infrastructure which is failing, which I witnessed fail in New Orleans the week of 8/29/05--which is GODDAMN LEAKING RIGHT NOW. The levees are leaking after they repaired them. The folks at ASCE don't need to make it any plainer than that. I did not need a slide-rule to stick my arms elbow deep in those leaks, no degree in biology to recognizes the smell of the lake in that flowing water. This is insanity to even allow these creeps a bank loan--let alone the $30 Million we have already paid them for this still unreleased IPET report <-[note: the link to said report at the end of the TP article led to "unauthorized" or no where.] These are the engineers and their dirty carasses who are being sued by the citizens of New Orleans who lost everything when the Industrial Canal levee failed. Why allow the Corps and their employees- spokes'hos to publicly taint the jury on that lawsuit with articles like this?
What would Perry Mason say? "Objection, your Honor! HERESAY! The Corps attempts to misdirect the Public's view away from ENGINEERING and onto Funding, Small Town Councils, Quilting, Muskrats, Katrina the Clown, the American People! How dare they!"
What would the wizard say?
Since Perry and Toto wouldn't take that BS for a second then neither will yer oh'so humble Editilla. I remember when this country did Smart Television and built things that Worked. And if it didn't work we fixed it. We sent people to the moon and brought them back with Duct Tape when it broke. Our engineers did not used to run from a problem--they waded out into it up to their forking necks and put it into their mouth as did Robert Bea when taste-testing the alleged ingredients of these failed levees. Where is he in this freak'show article? Defending the people of the City of New Orleans in this very lawsuit that's where. Robert Bea, Dr. Seed and other engineers who authored the ILET Study are no where to be found in this article, not a word. Why? Dr. Link owes his career to the Corps. We do not need to consult engineers who work for the engineers who built our failing engineering infrastructure when there are Plenty of other engineers in our country who would beg to differ with the Corps and ASCE over Water
Policy Management. Why give these buffoons any word least of all the last word on these levees in our country?
Why do anything but ride these Dope Dealing Fakirs out of town on a Barge? The Exquixotic Corps slithered away on taking responsibility for the other levee failures in court (for now). But will we stand neck- deep with the people of New Orleans, when the Tide Rises, or do we hide behind failing levees with Public Relations hack spin'filtraitors and the people who flooded New Orleans? Well? Please demand the 8/29 Commission.

Levee neighbors must wait for ruling on tree removal

Independence Day~Toulouse St.

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New Orleans

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Flood damage is latest challenge to Iowa mosque

Insurers based in Wisconsin getting lots of flood damage claims

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Red Cross volunteer hurt helping Iowa flood victims

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Beyond Privacy

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