Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Thank you~NODP

Gulf Coast officials ask Congress for money

Jindal seeks quick aid for La. hurricane recovery

$99M raise for Road Home contractor quietly paid

Labruzzo's Evacuation Final Solution~Library Chronicles

Katrina cases like nothing veteran State Farm attorney had ever seen --HA! Riiiight!
~Editilla chin'schillas~
~Ya'gotta love'em these Insurance Trial Attorneys --
like flies on sherbert! And People wonda why Editilla puts lighter fluid in da'coffee some mornings!
Jeepers'Jeexus! If ever there were a scene
so slabbed!

Dole comes out of hiding and starts lying right off the bat - media turns a blind eye.
~The media has given Elizabeth Dole a pass. She has been hidden from the voters of North Carolina. Her campaign site - still no list of events. Her Senate site - no updated events since July. Why is Elizabeth Dole, who is losing to Kay Hagan, hiding from the voters?
She finally pops out of Dick Cheney's undisclosed location long enough for a small gathering in Wilmington on the 15th, where she blatantly lied to the clueless reporter about Hurricanes and offshore drilling, repeating McCain's lies that Katrina did no damage to rigs.

The Shock of Recovery
~The Independent Weekly

Is Paulson to be trusted, or is this Bush Administration Shock and Awe, 2.0? ~Reggie Middleton

Senators Push for Low-Interest Loans for Disaster Victims

Ike-Stricken Texas Says Wall Street Credit Crunch Adds to Woes ~Bloomberg

Ex-Presidents Bush, Clinton joining forces for Ike recovery

Texas Seeks FEMA Housing Aid~Agency Won't Provide Trailers for Ike Victims, Cites Health Risks

The Mississippi River in Maps & Views: From Lake Itasca to The Gulf of Mexico

~more than eighty glorious full-color maps dating from as early as 1544 celebrate "Ol’ Man River," this profound artery at the heart of America, and the extraordinary cities that grew up on its shores, including New Orleans, Memphis, St. Louis, and Minneapolis–St. Paul.

'Called Out of Darkness: A Spiritual Confession'

~by Anne Rice, is a spiritual memoir of Catholic life by the vampire/sexual bondage slave erotica novelist turned religious writer after getting filthy rich.
Editilla notellas an absolute repugnance for the worship of da'Big Man in da'Sky with a Large Penis and da'Book with My Name in it beside Red Check Marks going off to Infinity of course. We have been visited by Our Holy Spirit of'da Very Same Self Church & Lot ~and as such believe that we are never alone with a schizophrenic quantum personal deity, and that Goddess takes care of Fools and Arrant Troubadours.
My only confession to Gentle'rillas (HA!:) is...
spending Godzillions of Dollars on nearly every book by this Charlequin Chanteuse --which hopefully will land me in at least hot water at the Gates of Dante's Inferno.
~And before anyone axs, Cat Stevens can go to Hell too!

Oxford American says it all ~Susan Larson
~More from Our Lit Queeny's box of treats!

Congressional candidate touts flood plan

Global Green New Orleans Home Built to Endure Hurricanes

Company Taps National Network to Fulfill Demand for Modular Space as Gulf Region Rebuilds

Old New Orleans 10 Year Old Rum ~Rumdood

Jus'sayin... Editilla loves Rum, Dude'beats.
And we love especially ONO Rum! Thanks Rumdood!
We like its Founder's Art as well, the way the City dances into and out of it, as if changing costumes.
We like to have Our Old New Orleans (OONO) neat in da'Screet, between da'Sheets wit'a Joint of Viper music.
Oh da'Life
--Pour Me Vida!

~Fifth anniversary block party celebration for 3 Ring Circus Arts Education Center, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with 3 Stages of music, revelry, circus games, live and silent art auctions, food & spirits Patron Party: 7 pm; Street Carnival: 8 pm-til Sat., Sept. 27

Seeking: Collections Development Librarian
~Library Associates Companies (LAC) seeks an experienced Collections Development Librarian with strong communication skills and demonstrated expertise in music, particularly classical music, to work as part of the Tulane University Recovery in New Orleans, LA or virtually. We are looking for someone who wants to join our team to assist in selecting and sourcing music in all formats, primarily music scores, CDs, books and DVDs, for a multiple year project to replace, catalog and process items lost or damaged during Hurricane Katrina.

Picasso, Basquiat And Jazz: Nicholas Payton Explores The Influence Of Visual Art

Deep South Music Festival
Sept. 27 at Oysterella’s
~Mullet Wrapper

Randy Newman pops up again with first new album in nine years ~Pop Matters

George Davis - Unsung hero of New Orleans Music - passes ~David Kunian

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