Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Banksy: Let Them Eat Crack

Jindal says state economy sound

Nonprofit Sharing
~Noah Bonaparte Pais

Fund Raiser for the Village
~Food Music Justice

New Bay
St Louis Bridge Wins People’s Choice Award

The House on New Orleans Street ~Squanderd Heritage

Much to learn, love about
New Orleans~Jarvis Deberry

House in Utopia ~Time

~"No more architecture than a piano is music" was a model of a queer pear-shaped house hung on a pole exhibited in Manhattan for the first time last week.
It was the latest development of Richard Buckminster Fuller's famed "dymaxion house" (from "dynamics" and "maximum service").
In Harlem's Savoy Dance Hall for black men and women last week, a white man with a thinker's head and close-cropped gray hair, spun his partner away, came walking toward her, flattened palms forward in the gesture of pushing as his shoulders twitched in the dance called the Lindy Hop. It was Architect Fuller, fifth generation in a line of Harvard men, onetime class drunkard, twice expelled from Harvard, great nephew of Emerson's friend Margaret Fuller, Wartime U. S. Navy lieutenant, engineer, a prophet of civilization.

Appeal vs. Corps carries threat

Levee restoration price rises

Exquixotic Corps opens hearings on water sharing

Looking for casual good food near FQ where a single can eat at the bar~Chowhound NOLA

Voodoo Podcast Episode Two: The funky and the freaky
~Alison Fensterstock

The Zydepunks, Finisterre
~Pop Matters

Horns For Guns events slated for Nov. 1st~Louisiana Weekly
Editilla's not gonna say it. No. Stop It! Yaaaaaaa OK!
"Only in New Orleans: Horn / Gun Exchange."

New Releases~Burning Wood

Free Festival at The O2
Celebrating New Orleans Music and Culture on 24 & 25 October
~A View from England

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