Tuesday, December 16, 2008


~Editilla can't stands no'mo!~
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Reducing Risk My Ass! What the hell are they doing with all of our Flood Control Funding?
Why, using our dwindling tax dollars to Infiltrate and Spin the story of the cause of the Federal Flood!
~Further evidence here.
See also comments here
UpDate 1:
Thank You First Draft see comments too
Apparently the Corps doesn't know when to quit!
Needless to say everyone within blogging distance of the our Exquisite Corps needs to go look over their own Stats and see if these underhanded, Over'rot, homo- entropic,
Creepo'nawlins faux engineers
are skulking around their own blogs as well?
If anyone finds these IP addresses in your stats, please save a screen shot of it and send it to Dennis Woltering at WWL TV. Thank you, WWL. You Editillero! Eye on the Ball!
(click pic to enlarge) Editilla T'n'T~ Whois.net
amvn91h.mvn.usace.army.mil /
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Vendredi~Déjeuner":

Thanks for the link to our "conversation" on the NOLA.com levees blog. Maybe some of your readership (what, 2 or 3 other kooks) will actually learn something. Your rants are certainly entertaining, I'll give you that.
I am not a Corps employee as you allege nor am I trying to intimidate levees.org or any other single-minded Corps-haters. I am, however, determined to push back against uninformed, hate-filled diatribes that do nothing but inflame emotions and harden feelings. It's called balance; it's called dialogue - a necessary component of democracy. Later...

Posted by Anonymous to New Orleans Ladder at December 8, 2008 9:47 AM
Editilla said...

stevo, I deleted your comment because no one is allowed to insult our valued readers on this blog.
This ain't just child's play --and 120+ hits/day (and growing) proves that our Gentle'rillas appreciate that.

They are welcome to go watch you make a fool of yourself in the Times Picayune but not here.
I am the only person allowed that privilege on this Ladder.

Show some balls, stevo, and comment on the levees.org blog where you have already shown your ass.

Thus spake Editilla.

Editilla said...

And stevo, you engineering suit freaks can't even spell Statcounter?
Stupid Stupid Stupid.
Plodding, predictable pricks.
You really should be more careful with our tax-paid government property.

You told me that you do not work for the Corps of Engineers, yet you seem to have no problem using their computers, which might be a felony for this type of activity --especially if, as you allege, you do not work for the Corps of Engineers.
My attorney is looking into it.

Or, perhaps you just suck Corps over at ASCE:
AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS UU-65-210-114-D6 (NET-65-210-114-0-1) -

Which is it, dogo?
Either way this is why I refer to you assholes as ASCECORPS.

UpDate 2: It would appear that the ASCECORPS
has many heads looking into this breach of the public trust.
Now from today's Ladder's stat counter page. Click to enlarge.
Blogging and Commenting: US Army Corp of Engineers Takes it on the Chin Courtesy of Blogger Sandy Rosenthal ~slabbed

Reform the Corps Now~Gambit
~Editilla crowellas~ Once again a Herollero Shout-out to Gambit for watching our backs. Thanks Gambit!
Unfortunately for us, such prescient gumshoellery obviously matters not one whit to how the Corps of Engineers behaves, when it always seems to come out swinging after dark.
The Time is Now to Pass the 8/29 Investigation Legislaton!
Introduced by our own Mary Landrieu and Charlie Melancon.
I mean, where do hundreds of tons of surge barrier piling sleep?
--Any goddamn where our Exquisite Corps wants to lay it!
Why, just ask their consultant on the Levee Board: Tom Jackson.
Gambit can't do this alone. That was one fine article,
but we need Congress Hip to the Corps. We need the 8/29!
IT'S THE LEVEES STUPID!!! No 2nd chance Engineering.
~Editilla Notellas~ Please make sure to pick up the Gambit hard copy around town too. It's free and we can read it by candle light when the levees fail again!

Iowa Cities want flood gauges, but the Corps says price is too high!~Des Moines Register
~The Corps of Engineers, which pays for gauges near its reservoirs, is unlikely to be able to finance gauges in other locations, said Corps spokesman Ron Fournier.

Report: Engineering society needs ethics policy~Clear News

Work starts to plug leaks in Kenner floodwall~Sheila Grissett
web shot of TP Corps Flash Ad beside this article. Click to enlarge.

Best of New Orleans Contest: YOU be Quint Davis, 2009 Jazz Fest lineup announced
~Gambit Daily

Promised Progress
~Richard A. Webster

Special thanks~People Get Ready

Alvar Arts Night: Music Edition! Tuesday, Dec 16 ~nolabrarian

31, Live at The Library,
Irvin Mayfield’s 2nd Annual Birthday Bash

Dewey: The Small Town Library Cat Who Touched the World
~The Library of Digress

Second Baby Grand Piano FInds a Home~NOMRF

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Anonymous said...

Great story about the corps posting ugly comments to citizen's blog. Thanks for showing us a shot of the incriminating IP address. Will check my stats!