Sunday, January 4, 2009


Ja'Shawn Powell
2 Year Old Killed by Own Father,
Latest casualty in New Orleans' own Rat Race Wars

When The Nation Magazine chooses to report a Race War in New Orleans,
The Nation should check the Real Casualty Count and See Who Is Really Losing!

Tuesday 9pm EST, 8CST - Frontline follow$ Katrina recovery ~slabbed

Weathering the storm~Advocate

The Old Man and the Storm
~Beth's Blog

Restless Souls
of the Irrawaddy Delta

If you found a friend in God
please ask them for direction
to the places they left the restless souls
to drown in their own damn'nation.

"Loser - Condoleeza VooDoo & Bushwhack, Again"~Hrrmph!

What Happened to Vick's Dogs
~The Healing Touch

A day trip to the Gulf Coast
~Thanks Katrina

Filming in New Orleans keeps rolling through recession
~Mike Scott

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