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The fact that he was born on Valentine's Day should not be ignored~Big Red Cotton

Houston Mayor Asks Black Leadership To Assist In Addressing Black on Black Homicide Problem

Save Bayou Saint John!
~Gentilly Girl

"Rome is fully aware"
~Your Right Hand Thief

Line Up Flood Suckers!
Mark Shiftstein sayz bend over New Orleans, open mouth wide, the Corps of Engineers is hiring and has jobs for everyone!

~Editilla Dixclosas~Our repugnance and viruently nauseous eruction to this piece of Corps Public Relations Ass Buff (CPRAB) led Editilla to the toilet twice before emailing this Corps Whore to ask him how he takes his tea. Since I have had real trouble even posting this heinious garbage journalism for fear of drawing vultures to the Ladder, I will offer you (some) this post en lieu correspondence to Mxr. Shiftstein (he responded only once)
Mr. Shleifstein,
why don't you just go hire yourself out to the Corps down at Prytania Street.
This article in the Sunday TP is unforgivable in its parroting the Corps Word without ANY context of investigation.
The Corps is bad enough but you folks are far more dangerous to the public.
This piece is absolute Corps Public Relations, replete with contact link at the bottom above your name.
Hell, they spend enough on Public Relations people, considerably more of my taxes than you are getting paid by the TP. So, I would like to see you employed by them as a copy writer. That is essentially all you are doing at the TP anyway and for half the money.
You need to hang up your pen and go work for the Corps officially.
All the work you appear to have done in your Wetlands pieces is thrown into a completely different light now.
Goddamn you and all your kind who continue to pose as journalists in order to distract us from the real threats to our county and its citizens. You are going to Hell and I will be there waiting for you.

Thanks for your note.

So it's not news that the corps is going to be bidding out these contracts?
It would be better if they didn't raise the levees higher?
Local businesses who might want to bid on the work shouldn't be provided with information on how to do so?
Mark Schleifstein
Do your job, Mark. Follow the money. Study those contracting procedures. This is horse shit. Bidding my ass. Come on Mark. Why can't you do your job?
All Corps All the Time.
Goddamn you and your Shock Doctrine Disaster Capitalism. Who gets those contracts? What local firms? You mentioned "out of town satellite offices". Do you even know anything about the local Civil Engineering scene in and around New Orleans? This is creepy. You are clueless as to who gets these contracts and how. These are the same procedures used in the decades before their structures failed on 8/29.
Again, you should be working for the Corps officially instead of trying to pass yourself off as anything close to an independent journalist.
I have given you way more benefit of the doubt and you continue to publish Corps Fluff PR.
In the meantime, hurricane season is coming again.
I have been reading your fluff piece over and over. I literally no lie had to go throw up. Vomit. Can you tell me how this works? Does the Corps just hand you a media package and you just print it under your byline as a journalist for the only daily news paper in New Orleans? The jobs angle, the stimulus package, the flood risks statements, the notice that the Corps is hiring... how does this work? Do they pay you on the side or what? Really, why are you so in their pocket?

Flooded WA residents angry

~Apparently the Corps of Engineers did not anticipate that opening a dam during record flooding would add to the record flooding flood level... or something like that. I can't tell, ask Mark Shiftstein at the Times Picayune. He knows the Corps Issues.
One thing is for sure, the Corps will have a lot of jobs available for this fuck up too, eh Mark Shiftstein?

3 WA rivers remain at flood stage

Feds vague on city uranium site, Corps of Engineers downplays risk~Dan Stockman
~Almost four years after saying they would examine the site, federal officials are still unsure whether they will clean up the radioactive legacy of their atomic weapons program.

Jindal, La. political leaders want to tap oil royalties
~Maya Rodriguez

Tennessee: Costly spill cleanup spurs debate over who pays ~Dave Flessner

Oyster gardening on Alabama coast~Garry Mitchell

Oberstar’s Infrastructure Bill May Define the Transit Equation

Is a 'Katrina-Like' Space Storm Brewing?~Science Pal

Six reasons to love the downtown public library
~Daneeta Loretta Jackson

RUBARB: LiteracyAmeriCorps Helps Rebuild 9th Ward Bicycles

Mardi gras a month early taste of Music, Sophia's Place

'American Routes' makes its way to audiences on new double CD

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