Thursday, February 5, 2009


Skull Club~for Lord David
~Editilla jus'sayin~a good masque is hard to let go!

No Katrina ~Word Around the Net
~Why hasn't President Obama visited Kentucky, Missouri, and other storm ravaged states? Why hasn't he made a speech about the areas or declared an emergency, and why is FEMA still so slow?
This is not a disaster on the scale of Hurricane Katrina, but it is a major disaster. Some people have been without power for over a week in one of the coldest winters in recent memory.
~Editilla Adderallas~ And to date 55 Americans have died.
Every disaster where people die is as great as "Katrina".
The real tragedy comes from such slack federal response.
The real shame comes as Obama gets Stuck on Stupid.

Obama’s chance for leadership on FEMA~No Quarter

Kentucky: Parallels With
New Orleans?~News Blaze

FEMA food kits may contain tainted peanut butter

AP Interview: Katrina lessons put to use in Kentucky

LSU Engineers model forecasts chemical contaminants based on Katrina-flooded homes

Requiring Accountability From Pampered Public Servants
~Emily Spence, OpEdNews

Paul Vallas Considers Run for Cook County President
~Becky Bohrer

Never a dull moment
~Library Chronicles

Not Everyone Agrees~First Draft

“but the pavement always stayed beneath my feet before…”

Florida's Unnatural Disaster
~Charlie Crist
~Who needs Mother Nature to cause a catastrophe? Florida's politicians are busy creating an unnatural disaster in their state insurance market that will blow away taxpayers when the next big hurricane hits. And we mean taxpayers across America.

Ward Three Morality: Too Poor to Paint, and Too Proud to Whitewash~Positive Infinity

Trainer ordered to pay Best Friends after Katrina dogs die
~Gina Spadafori

Object-Oriented Philosophy: What is it Good For?
~Larval Subjects

ADM cites big challenges in ethanol unit~Choy Leng Yeong

One Man’s Blanche Is a University’s Infringement
~Patrick Healy

Latest from MF Korn
Louisiana Melancholic

From Timbuktu to Katrina: Readings in African-American History Volume I
~This is not a book sale

Creole v. Cajun...
the Way I See It~Ms. enPlace

~If you don’t enjoy food origins, food history, or learning about other cultures (shame on you), skip down to the recipe for Rabbit Sauce Piquante

Exhibit views South post-Katrina ~Monica Hertle

New Orleans Shrimp Pot Pie

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