Sunday, March 29, 2009


Breach sends water onto school campus in Fargo
<~Water sprays up at volunteer fire fighters from three neighboring towns as they attempt to pump flood water from the Red River out of George Korsmo's basement and brick enclosed outdoor hot tub area in Moorhead, Minn., Saturday, March 28. AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast
Bob Marshall: Solid wall not the right way to close MR-GO

LSU at odds with Tulane, other
schools over hospital authority
~Bill Barrow

Lafitte public housing residents
ordered to leave at once
~Katy Reckdahl
~Although their leases were supposed to run through Tuesday, tenants of temporary apartments in the Lafitte public housing development said Saturday that they were told they had to move out immediately or face arrest.

Businesses need better awareness of levee risks
~Business Insurance

~There are an estimated 100,000 miles of levees in the United States, but many businesses may be unaware their facilities could be devastated should water over-top or breach a levee, says Carol G. Barton, senior vp of underwriting and reinsurance for Factory Mutual Insurance Co., which does business as FM Global.

Letter: Richton report’s political ties negate its credibility
~Mississippi Gulf Coast

~"In reference to your so-called scientific studies performed on the Pascagoula River and in the Gulf of Mexico to assist the ongoing preparation of the supplemental environmental impact statement for the proposed DOE Richton Strategic Petroleum Reserve, it appears you would rather accept reports from paid individuals with ties to the political machine instead of from those who have no ax to grind. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was used as an “authority” in your report. If it weren’t so important, I would think it was a joke and laugh. Personally, I see very little credibility in the Corps."

Bill O'Reilly Flaming Asshole Voodoo Doll ~Hrrmph!

Nolafugees' New Site (to me)
~Editilla jus'haddena been there in a while. They went dim for a time. Great looking site, tight'n'right.
Like much of New Orleans as time goes on and the waters roll over da'rockin, all the jagged edges seem to be getting buffed off, smoothed over. Yet They still advocate secession...
--and that's a good thing.

Will Fey Ray Nagin Lose His Dallas Palace?~Clancy Dubos

The genie-soul of the place
~Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans

~The room announced in understated ostentation:
"here at the Historic New Orleans Collection we are about the business of history.

Strawberry Napoleons, Mint Juleps and Recipes That Work
~New Orleans Can Thrive

Single Men Social Aid & Pleasure Club Second Line Parade Today
~Big Red Cotton

R.I.P Jerik
On the night of August 28th Katrina which filled the TV radar screens hugely, being larger than all of Louisiana and half of Mississippi combined, began to arrive. My apartment was directly under a flat, tapered roof, thankfully windowless in the center of a large 180 year old brick building that had weathered many storms before. I believed it would stand through one more, and was willing to bet my life on the outcome.
Thank Youz: Nicolette/post, Tawnee Lynne/photograph
~Editilla Notellas~ This news of Jerik's passing came late to me.
I remember him during "The Troubles" that first week of the flood after the levees failed. He was a good person to have around at such a time in our damn'nation. Still, his name has been called --better late than never-- and he is going home.

New Orleans' Marcus Brown's musical sculpture 'HUMs' its own tune ~Doug McCash

In spring, a columnist's thoughts
turn to gardening~Angus Lind

Café Des Amis, Breaux Bridge
~The Splendid Table

Sunday Funnies~Citizen K

Sunday Slabbed

Midnight Bayou: Haunting Romance in New Orleans
~Jerry O'Connell is appealing as Declan Fitzpatrick, a Boston lawyer who moves to New Orleans and buys a restored plantation manor that everyone says is haunted. He sees the ghosts right away.
They're fucking everywhere don'chya'know.

– Unity in the Community

Joe Krown Trio feat. Russell Batiste & Walter "Wolfman" Washington at the Maple Leaf

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