Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Snake Doctor sayz Live for Today
~New Orleans Daily Photo

Corps Million Dollar PR firm, the Girls of OPP, releases slick, soft- pr'n re-branding charity video!
~Editilla's hair stands on end great googli'mooglies!

<-Coho Boss Lady Janice Roper-Graham
(Scene 1: "We Do It All")
~In its current effort to distract public attention away from their role of Branding Agency for the Corps, Outreach Process Partners has put together this little ditty to show every- one how they give 5% of their earnings ($250,000 of their $5,000,000 Corps Contract?) to charity. Halalalala, the oldest trick in the game of PR Monte... tears,
to wit: when caught doing spin for mobsters...
--Roll-Out da'Charity Work Angels!
Isn't that niiiiice.
But this video talks more about what OPP does as a Marketing Firm, yet on their page about how "Giving Back Feels So Good."
This is called ReBranding, or Reinforcing Brand Positives.
Since we caught them manipulating the local and national media regarding the Corps role in Flooding New Orleans, they now have to ReBrand themselves as cutesy charity women?
This is one of the newer pages they've put up to in place of all those Corps Pages of Marketing Boo'rah Data they pulled too late.
Ha this dog ain't gonna hunt either! Hahahahaha...
As we've said before, these are the people you would hire to do the invitations to Satan's Bachelor Partay. Plilanthrozillaz!
Apparently, When WWL initially called the Corps to investigate this miscarriage of Flood Funding, they were greatly confused when the Corps referred them to Stacey Mendoza, local political connectrix (scene- 8: "My name on the Product sayz it best!") --who did not tell WWL that she was not a Corps employee but a tax-paid Public Relations operative.

So, when our local News Media calls the Corps of Engineers for answers now, the Corps sends them to an employee of OPP who does not readily acknowledge that she is not a Corps employee?
Rut'Row! Bad move that. Yeah, we heah ya'mouf talkin'!
This would explain why the Corps own, actual, "Public Affairs Director Ken Holder" was caught clueless with his pants down when confronted with hard evidence --and still has yet to tell us what is going on with his Marketing Team.
Poor Ken'Doll obviously hopes that this is all going to go away.
Buuuut Editilla begs to diffa on dat'score, Gimpy Ken'Doll.
Email enquiries about this cohoz'de'do'oh can be sent to OPP operative Cheryn Robles (scene 2- "The Writer Makes a Diff"):
I who ya'gonna call??? Corps Busters! hehehe..
But we have something better I call: The Landrieu Doctrine.

Water project draws ire in Donaldsonville
~Lloyd J. Nelson III

Arcadis wins $6M contract for Mississippi Valley work

Four KY Levees Deemed Unacceptable

Vieux Carre Commission opposes plans for cold storage site near French Quarter~Bruce Eggler
~The Vieux Carre Commission voted 6-0 Tuesday to oppose construction of a $40 million cold-storage warehouse on Mississippi River wharves alongside the French Market.
The commission held a public hearing May 6 at which dozens of speakers voiced opposition to the project.
They warned that vibrations from dozens of 18-wheelers carrying produce to the site each day would damage buildings in the city's most historic neighborhoods, that a leak of the thousands of pounds of anhydrous ammonia to be used as a refrigerant could threaten hundreds of lives and the city's vital tourist industry, and that the site is highly susceptible to crashes by runaway ships and barges.

A new look at a New Riverfront for New Orleans~WWL

Funding Approved For N.O. Crime Coalition~WDSU

Hump'day Hurricakes ~Slabbed

Archdiocese attempts to explain its decisions to Steal FEMA cash from poor Peter's parish to pay suburban Paul Malls
~Bruce Nolan

Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. ~Editilla T'n'T~ Bayou Buzz

Should Wilderness Society Strip US Rep. Nick Rahall of the Ansel Adams Award?~Jeff Biggers

Turbines in Mississippi River potential alternative energy source ~Breakbulk

Southcoast USA

Cuba and Change We Can Believe In~Philip Fornaci

Dave Eggers Completes Nonfiction Book about Hurricane Katrina
~Dave Eggers made literary headlines once again, breaking the news that his new nonfiction book, "Zeitoun," will come out next month--a story about how one Muslim-American family experienced Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

Park the Van showcase at Marigny Theatre, 6.12
~Captains Dead

Allen Toussaint reinvents Dixieland ~Jan Dennis


Ima Wizer said...

Sounds like the OOP group is a group of Rethuglicans, pure and simple. Evil group who knows not what they do but does it anyway (denial, denial, denial is the Rethuglican WORD, isn't it?).

Editilla said...

Thanks, Ima. Those are a scary bunch of haints no lie. These are the people, to quote Harry Shearer: "The Corps is paying $5 Million to to say 'No Comment'".