Friday, July 10, 2009


The Third Annual New Orleans Running of the Bulls takes place Saturday!~Don Ames
~San Fermin in Nueva Orleans replicates and pays homage to the world famous Encierro of Pamplona, Spain, or "The Running of the Bulls," with our own version of bravery on display. Hosted by Big Easy Roller Girls, our bulls will actually be roller girl teams from New Orleans, Houston, Jacksonville, Baton Rouge and Houma.
~Editilla gotta toll'ya~ We know a couple of these grrrls, not gonna say'ya which, but rest big easy they know who they are --and these grrls, they gotz Horns... and Bats... Outta Hell...
...On Wheels! ..Get Down! Get Back Up Again!

State wants Corps less involved in hurricane protection
~Lee Zurik
~Editilla wants the Corps more involved in ass'watchin at Angola.

Judge Stanwood Duval Jr. to Retire
~Update~Slabbed: Rumors of Judge Duval’s retirement are a bit premature

Maps will help decide where to limit coastal development
~Nikki Buskey

Millions will benefit local levee, water projects, as Corps stays stuck on stupid in study'hole

Wetlands designation boosts price, Corps' control of property
~City Administrator Rod Otterness says Minnesota has done a good job protecting wetlands. According to Otterness, the Army Corps of Engineers has gotten more aggressive in northern Minnesota. "When the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers gets involved, everything slows down, everything becomes more expensive, everything becomes more frustrating to the people we're closest to," said Otterness.

Jarvis DeBerry: Mayor's words reveal no sense of shame

"Woe be the feckless..."

“Women’s only,” round 1000
~Did you know there’s a women-only pharmacist in Vancouver? It opened yesterday.
Only, “women’s only,” doesn’t mean all women.
A number of bloggers have been posting about how this new pharmacy has from its birth held onto some old prejudices –excluding trans women from access to its services.

Sinn Féin, We Are Not OK
~On the morning of July 8, as the Group of Eight leaders began arriving in L'Aquila, activists scaled the hill overlooking the red zone and laid out huge sheets of white plastic to form 10-meter high letters reading 'Yes We Camp.' As Mattia Lolli of the 3e32 Committee, which takes its name from the time the earthquake hit, explained, "We want to make sure the G8 leaders as well as public opinion in Italy know that three months after the earthquake there are still over 22,000 people living in tents."

New fund to accept disaster money smells like Team Spirit ~Amber Sandoval-Griffin

Wollongong lawyer's death-row mission to New Orleans
~Emma Shaw

Wayne Curtis may have the cure for what ails you at Tales of the Cocktail~Brett Anderson

Honey Island Swamp Band steps up with new "Wishing Well"
~Keith Spera

Photo exhibit offers an intimate look at America's jazz ambassadors~Carla Murphy

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