Sunday, November 1, 2009


Leslie Jacobs enters Mayor's race
~We just got this from her sister-in-law, Sandy Rosenthal, the founder and executive director of
Ya'hoid it Heah Foist! Editilla loves scoop'in I Scream!
We feel that this doesn't signify an endorsement of her candidacy as much as signal that New Orleans Flood Safety will be first and out front in Leslie Jacob's platform as her brother is on the board of the Flood Protection Alliance and his wife founded
For me, the previous mayor was a big part of the Problem with our City's Punk Relationship to the Exquisite Corps of Engineers, thus, Editilla sincerely hopes that Leslie Jacobs Gets It, and presents her candidacy as a big part of the Solution.
It is past time for New Orleans to gain a Chief Executive who is smart enough to understand the games being played by the Corps' New Orleans District and, in this case perhaps, possesses the ova to confront them --with the connections to back it up.

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