Friday, December 25, 2009

Louisiana Land Trust
~Squandered Heritage

America Betrayed featuring voted to Top 50 Documentaries of 2009
~Humid Beings

Local to supply clay to rebuild New Orleans levees
~Greg Hilburn

District begins construction on new Morganza section
~Daily Comet
~Terrebonne levee officials will kick off 2010 by starting construction on their second new section of Morganza-to-the-Gulf since deciding to forge ahead without federal help a year ago.

MS levee plan would require big tax increase to build
~Andrew Oldham
~After being told by the agency's Vicksburg District that it would lose $133 million in federal funding if it didn't support the levee plan, the Rankin-Hinds Pearl River Flood and Drainage Control District (levee board) voted 5-2 to build levees, not lakes, on the Pearl.
The decision came months after the agency admitted that it never studied the Two Lakes Flood Control and Economic Development Plan, the proposal that it was brought on to study, nor did it have any intention of giving the proposal a fair shot.
So let's get this straight. Instead of the corps being forced to do what it has already been paid to do, the board is now being strong-armed into supporting a plan that won't protect Jackson?
Where's the accountability? Better yet, where's the levee board's backbone? Shouldn't it challenge the corps' legal authority to cut off the millions in funding?

Scrooges and Stooges – State Farm attorneys pack the sleigh! ~slabbed

Cause of Ohio River lock failure

Floating Wind Turbines Set Sail

Oh For God's Sake, as if it's Not About the Money~Bob Dylan joins...
Neil Sedaka, Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow in long list of Jewish musicians doing Christmas music

Cool Music for Christmas
~Plutonian Mac

Henry Butler, Donald Harrison play NYC New Year's Eve

Salutations: Seven New Orleans Images~Karen Dalton-Beninato

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