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Bicycling into the heart of the flood:
A Hurricane Katrina remembrance

Louisiana State Museum Miss-Frames the Flood of 8/29/05 as Katrina and not Engineering Failure!

Film review seemed unkind to N.O.
~Yes, New Orleanians continue to insist that Hurricane Katrina did not flood their city. They do this because it is the truth. Inadequate and failed levees flooded the city. The Army Corps of Engineers admitted its own culpability after independent engineering studies found damning evidence, and a federal judge has lambasted the Corps for its fecklessness and incompetence.

~We gotta admit that Brad Pitt is pretty fucking cool... I mean, really...

*Artifacts Not Politics....we took some out of town friends over to the Make It Right homes this week. I swear there were more homes there than when I saw it back in April, and other homes on the Rise. I mean... some people talk about doing shit, some people blog about doing shit, and Some Peoples get out there and Plant It in the Ground! ARTIFACT, think about that, take the word apart... do it.

Harry Shearer vs. the Army Corps of Engineers~Mother Jones
~Editilla Crowtellas~Our Herolero Harry here is by far Not Alone...
--Sinn Féin! ~Harry, Sandy Rosenthal, HJ Bosworth and Roy Arrigo at the unveiling of the first Louisiana State Marker dedicated to the Truth about Greatest Civil Engineering disaster in the history of the nation: the Corps of Engineers' floodwall failures of Aug 29th 2005.~Photo/Judi Bottoni
~Please also see Michael Hinton's photos of this Historic Dedication

~Editilla Shotellas~Gentle'rillas doubtless have noticed that we are laying back a bit on ranting about the Corps of Engineers and the Criminally Negligent Homicide they perpetrated upon New Orleans 8/29/05. I would like to say, however, that these worthless failed lying engineers at the Corps' New Orleans District LOVE IT WHEN THEY HEAR THE NAME KATRINA to describe their horrible man-made disaster. They have spent MILLIONS of Tax Dollars to cover up this story and redirect the nation's attention onto The Storm and away from The Flood. You can hear more of the Corps Lies at the Rising Tide today, when Timmy Ruppert gets to give their 2nd soft-handed book-report Presentation to this local blogging club.

Five Years Later, Roy Arrigo Still Marks Where Water Drowned His Home

1 Day 2 Year 5:
A Photographic Journey

New Orleans' Rebuilding:
An Inspiration~Wyclef Jean


Five Years After Katrina, A Return To Bay St. Louis~NPR
~~"Anyone you talk to in Bay St. Louis, you ask them what the No. 1 hindrance to things are now — is insurance," Anderson says. "It's astronomically high now. It's created lots of anger and animosity."
In Bay St. Louis you don't hear complaints about the Federal Emergency Management Agency or the federal government so much as insurance companies. Many people had to wait a long time to receive just modest settlements. Many have anecdotes about clever arguments they say insurers used to limit payments, like insisting that it wasn't the 125 mph winds but the 30-foot tall waves that smashed their house to smithereens. Who can tell in a hurricane?

The Sun Herald Remembers Katrina plus 5: Katrina anniversary coverage miscellany ~slabbed

Five Years After Katrina, and Still No Coast Rescue Plan in Place ~GRN

Rachel Maddow on MRGO and its Role in the Drowning of New Orleans
~Quinta Scott

Remembering 'The Kingfish': Questions about Huey Long's death linger
~David Zinmen

BP to remove failed blowout preventer from oil well in Gulf of Mexico this weekend~Jaquetta White
~Additional federal waters opened in western Gulf~Sandy Davis

Commission on BP oil disaster lacks expertise

Jus'sayin... we got expertise! And we just love Space Shots!

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