Friday, August 6, 2010

Hiroshima, 65 Years On: “Countdown to Zero”~Levees Not War

~Special Thanks~Shaun O'Conner
~Editilla jus'sayin~We grieve. We have proven that we will kill civilians. It could be worse, Nola. And it could happen here. It did happen here. I remember 8/29. Never forget.

Gulf oil spill investigators say bottom of sea at explosion site is a crime scene

Much Gulf Oil Remains, Deeply Hidden and Under Beaches, New U.S. Gulf oil spill report called "ludicrous."
~National Geographic

Paper: Corexit appears to be washing up at Gulf beaches; Biodegradation “may not be happening” as believed
~Florida Oil Spill Law


James H said...

Hello From Scary Right wing blog land. I just saw you comment on Cenlamar blog.

You are one of those blogs I ran across a year ago I thought was really interesting but forgot to bookmark so I could add you to my links.So You were lost for a year :(

So cool to discover you again. I will add this weekend when I do my Link adding and cleaning

Editilla said...

Thanks, James.
I can't stand right-wingers any more than my daddy could during WW2.
And until the Catholic Church hands us every child molester for criminal prosecution I can't stand them either.
Jus'sayin, I hate Child Molesters.

Editilla said...

James, I need to qualify my last comment.
I've always enjoyed the blog Opinionated Catholic. It rocks many of the very questions that I need answered.
But, until The Church hands over every single child molester for secular prosecution then it is the enemy for me.
As for right-wingers, again, my father fought y'all in Europe in WW2. Had Hitler won then I probably wouldn't be here now to argue the point ok?