Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What Can Be Done To Avoid Man-Made Disasters~NPR~Man-made disasters are a fact of life, from the BP Horizon oil spill to the West Virginia mine explosion earlier this year to the levy failures during Hurricane Katrina five summers ago.

Let the New Narrative Fly On…
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Low pressure system in southeastern Gulf has medium chance of developing in next 2 days

Crabs provide evidence oil tainting Gulf food web

Monitors to check lakes for oil

Fines could help pay for repairs to the coast

BP deposits $3 billion into fund for claims arising from Gulf of Mexico oil spill~Jonathan Tilove

Governor keeping close tabs on hospital board~Stephanie Grace
~"I guess we should now send (Jindal) the agenda of our meetings so that the board knows how to vote," Tony Falterman said.

19 Days 2 Year 5:
A Photographic Journey

My Parents~Bayoucreole


Horatio Algeranon said...

"Mission Accomplished"
-- by Horatio Algeranon

Mission Accomplished, the oil's all gone
Eighty-six days was not that long.

The oil impacts were overstated
The predicted "disaster" evaporated

Corexit dispersant saved the day
Kept the surface oil at bay.

The "Oil Pie" is mostly eaten
Microbe-devoured and weather-beaten

The "Great Unknowns" are very small,
If they're really even there at all.

The seafood's safe and water's fine
If you eat first, we'll also dine.

Mac said...

Better sound the alarms Editilla: