Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Give us that Missouri mud
~What's So Special About New Orleans

We Used To Be Friends ~moosedenied

NOLA History – Football Stadiums
~Yat Pundit, Go Nola

Carnival captains stage intervention to resolve Kern family dispute over float-building company~John Pope

Waste Management drops the nuke, makes explosive allegations against unnamed Parish employees in suit involving Jefferson Parish and River Birch ~slabbed

Should the Supreme Court Make the NOLA DA pay for hiding evidence?
~James Ridgeway, Mother Jones

A Little Sample~American Zombie

WWL-TV: Clancy DuBos on the Cao/Richmond race ~Gambit

Votewashing, Pink Washing, White Washing ~Library Chronicles

Committee to reconsider downgrading some crimes~Matt Davis, The Lens
~New Orleans courts unfair to poor defendants, reports say

Debtors' prisons rise again in the South ~Facing South

Is this WTF week?~The Confluence

Confessions of a “Lone Nut” ~NOLAFemmes

Snake Doctor and Coastal Activist Kindra Arnesen shows her "rash", discusses Corexit poisoning.

~Very Special Thanks~Florida Oil Spill Law

Corexit Use Still Appears to Be Prevalent in the Gulf, Despite Official Statements

Gulf of Mexico oil spill called a continuing threat to Louisiana coast
~Mark Schleifstein
~Gulf restoration plan should be home-grown, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson says

My bad, I thought the slow payments were Ken’s fault
~Disenfranchized Citizen

Transocean thwarts efforts to get documents~Harry Weber

Tidewater signs $100 million contract for the construction of four new vessels

Dueling Bloggers: Customer Customization~Blackened Out

soft, pretty~Bayou Salvage

Today @ 5-7:30 PM: Dr. John & the Lower 911 + Treme Brass Band @ Lafayette Square!

Carnaval Latino~Ken Korman, Gambit

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