Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kindra Arnesen and Krewe from Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana are home from Hospital!
~Editilla Notellas~ We couldn't stand it anymore and started calling and emailing. Graciously, we received the good news this morning. If you'd like to support these brave women and the survival of the People of South Louisiana, please visit their website and drop a few dollars if you can.
HI Editilla,
It is Jo
I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. As you might imagine things have been difficult. I am also the one who updates the website so I have not been able to take care of that either. I am home now - we all are. As of last evening. . We are all working on getting better so that we can continue this fight - it is so very important to us all. Giving up is just not an option. We are also Moms, so this is not only a fight for everyone else but for the future and health of our children. We will NOT give up this fight. I want to make that clear. We have taken a hard hit or two but we have taken them before and kept it very quiet - the only reason people knew about it this time was because we had to let them know why the radio show was not on - last minute. It was actually my intention to try to do the show and not cancel it, but one can only do so much. Kindra is still struggling with the staph but is being treated properly, I am home - with only 7% vision now in my left eye (not sure it will ever return - per neurologist) and much weakness and resp. problems but am being treated ongoing, Vick is home being treated for her resp issues.
I leave it to you - should you like -to get the word out as we are taking the weekend off to rest and charge back up for this battle. Please let everyone know that we appreciate the care and support, it IS what keeps us going and means so much.
Best regards

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