Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bowling Pin gets knocked down again ~American Zombie
~Editilla Scatatellas~ Jus'sayin... we swear they're out there...
~~Key weather relay satellite survives encounter with ZombieSat

Guest Post: Lessons from Lower Mid-City ~NOLAFemmes

The good word is that Mr Letten is interested in Public Belt ~slabbed

How Big Is Your Jail?~Cliff's Crib
~~Why Our Black Boys Fail (via @)

New Orleans officials frustrated over slow payments from Hazard Mitigation Grant Program~Bob Ross

Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (MRGO) Ecosystem Restoration Plan Moves Forward

Poor infrastructure plagues N.O. Sewerage & Water Board
~Natasha Robin, WVUE

Mayor Mitch'mo asks business leaders to review Sewerage & Water Board operations~Michelle Krupa

NOPD can now write tickets for simple pot possession~Matt Davis, The Lens

Almost No Oil Recovered From Bobby's Berms~Mark Schleifstein

BP, Drilling Partners Sued by U.S. Government Over Gulf Oil Spill Damage

Vietnamese-American fishers fight for oil spill claim approval

Amberjack to connect Jack, St. Malo
~The pipeline will originate approximately 280 mi (450 km) south of New Orleans in 7,000 feet (2,134 m) of water and terminate at GC19. GC19 offers a variety of pipeline options for moving crude oil to shore.

Nothing Makes a Cynic Like a Wealthy Church ~Disenfranchised Citizen

~ American Pie Party~
Hey, Sarah Palinate, how's that costume party workin out for'ya?

New Orleans Fire Department will graduate 38 recruits

Heroes' homecoming for local guardsmen

New Orleans' 1st full-time culinary arts program for high school students

Parking and Restaurants
~Blackened Out

Buster Holmes to be remembered at Kitchen Witch Cookbooks
~Judy Walker

The New Food Truck Scene
~Ian McNulty, Gambit

Crispy Cracklin’ at Willie Mae’s Scotch House~Richard Bienvenu, NoNO

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