Monday, January 3, 2011

Editilla memorellas at the 17th Street Breach Marker
~I wish there were enough flowers on hand to honor all those souls lost to the Flood of 8/29... but perchance Gentle'rillas will take it to heart to bring flowers or whatever mementos to the base of these fine Historical Markers... much like a cross beside a lonely highway, or a telephone pole wrapped in teddy bears to mark the spot where people have died negligently.
During the short time cutting the flowers and such, 2 tour busses and 4 cars from as many states stopped to check out this Fine Marker and read about how the Corps of Engineers killed so many fellow citizens. They were all very cool and respectful. We should honor as well these folks who come to look, as they would bare witness to this crime. We should wave to them, thank them, welcome them to the horror of resurrection. It doesn't matter to me how they get here, what venue they choose. Nola will hold them as She has carried us all, care forgotten to the Fine yet with graceful bent towards the Line... is now working to secure a 2nd Louisiana State Historical Marker, this time at the London Ave Canal Breach --a particularly heinous engineering failure, spread out over the neighborhood like castles made of sand, tons of sand...
Sand Levees... Sand! It is important to remember what those bastard corps engineers did, as it is incumbent upon us all to dishonor such hubris with a permanent marker in honor of those thousands lost... in this case a grave marker,
...Speaker for the Dead.
I'm gonna sit, like an uncarved block of wood
waiting for Goddess to make me useful,
maybe a Statue... perchance a Cup
to hold The Peoples' Memory
or the Body of Chaos.


the cajun said...

I grew up off Haynes Blvd. one block from the lake and near the end of the longer runway of the old airport. Not only is my old family home gone, but my sister's home in Chalmette was lost in the floods, as well.

I appreciate what you continue to do to keep this story alive. I repost when I can and hope others will read, watch, or listen and take it to heart and try to do something - anything - to keep this in the public consciousness.

Editilla said...

Well thank you so much, cajun!
Been wonderin' what youz been up tooz lately.
We'll keep da'Light on fo'ya.