Thursday, March 24, 2011

Crowded at the landfill
~Stephanie Grace
~Also~ This from Paul Rioux
~Aaand~ slabbed --who started logging this forest well before anyone was around to hear the 1st tree fall.
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No. of LA dropouts drops 28 percent

Links~Library Chronicles

Hospital Settles Corps-initiated Flood Deaths Class Action~Laura Maggi

~ReTweet @ the Pun @ and Engineer Maria Garzino #TheBigUneasy at The Crest, tonight!
~ReTweet @ Big Info still emerges in investigation of BP disaster. When will there be an investigation of levee failures in NO?

Coast Guard checks out dark-stained water in Chandeleur Sound
~Mark Schleifstein

Blowout preventer failure in Gulf of Mexico oil spill traced to bent drill pipe
~David Hammer

~SandySays March 24, 2011 at 9:50AM
~The report neither exonerates nor places blame. The intent is to find out what went wrong and why and to prevent future disasters. It is the intent of the independent investigation that President Obama ordered 84 days after the Macondo Well blew. Meanwhile, it has been more than five years since levees and floodwalls failed catastrophically in New Orleans and St. Bernard Parish swamping a major city and killing over 1,500 people, and no independent investigation has yet to be ordered. When the investigation is finally ordered, at a cost of about $5 million, we will finally find out what went wrong and why. The report would also recommend what changes, if any, should be made to the way water projects are chosen, funded and built in this country.

~Sandy Rosenthal, wife, mom, Who dat and founder of

Here come the Attorneys General…
but where’s Obama?
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Mississippi makes list of 10 top states – for highest auto insurance rates – but Louisiana roars in at #2! ~slabbed

Panel approves addition to bill
~Marsha Shuller
~By a slim margin, a Louisiana House panel voted Wednesday to add a 30th black majority district to a plan that would reshape the chamber’s 105 election districts.
~Also~ This from the Alexandria Town Talk

NOLA Pyrate Week!~Humid Beings

New Orleans Roadfood Festival offers bites of great food from throughout the city~Todd Price

Lunch at K-Paul's~Blackened Out

Crawfish season is off to a slow start, but lots of mudbugs and low prices are expected~ Benjamin Alexander-Bloch

“An Ode to Crawfish”
~Georgia Pellegrini

Treme 1st season goes to DVD!


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