Friday, March 18, 2011

New Orleans' Floodgate and levee maintenance costs expected to increase dramatically~Mark Schleifstein

A reflection and offering
~American Zombie

~Editilla Rolellas~ Special Thanks to Ladder Correspondent and Known Felon in Drag, Georgianne Neinaber, for pegging us.
We've been on the train it seems for days. Hence, our internets have been stretched, so we'll just keep hangin'em though a tad later than sooner ahem.
My oh my but it is good to be back home in New Orleans.

More writs from a dishonest bitch are ditched as Randy and the gang at United Fire Group get their asses kicked again ~slabbed

Chinese drywall remediation guidelines revised by U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission


Ima Wizer said...

You are home for good now?

word verification: oketies (i like it)

Editilla said...

Oh no, not yet Mizza Wizah! But home is where da'heart is don't'cha know.
I came down to mess wit mah new old house on Piety, just fo'da weekend.