Tuesday, April 26, 2011

And they called it Stormy Monday
~POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. - Relentless, driving rain is pounding southern Missouri, leaving levees ready to burst and sending residents to higher ground — and the rain isn't expected to stop for days.
~Missouri tries to block plan to breach Mississippi River levee
Update~Corps puts off decision on whether to intentionally breach Mo. levee, but preps for it
~Levee protecting Mo. town breaches downriver
~Missouri reports 434 road closures due to flooding
~Cairo flood wall holds as Ohio River rises
~Cairo mayor asks residents to leave as Ohio River rises, defends levee breach plan
~USGS River Flood Gauge Readings:
New Orleans,LA, Bonnet Carre Spillway, LA, Cairo, IL, Cape Girardeau, MO, St Louis,MO, Hannibal,MO, Grafton IL

~Bonnet Carré Spillway 2008, on appx the 4th of 31 days, 160 bays opened
~High river forecast prompts latest spillway concern
~Mississippi River nears highest level since '37

2nd Flood Memorial Plaque Approved by State Historic Preservation Office ~Levees.org

Families due millions from Levee Board, but lawyers seeing most of the cash ~WWL

Search continues for missing boys

A Louisiana lawmaker introduces the country's most extreme anti-abortion measure~Kate Sheppard

New Resource for Parents, Schools & Community~Humid Beings

The things Bobby Jindal doesn't want to talk about~Library Chronicles

Uptown's state senator rebuts Jindal speech in real-time~Uptown Messenger
~Also~Lawmakers: Jindal's address sounded more like campaign speech

Slabbed takes a look at the Trout Point business venture: Let’s start at the end and work back.

Who do you trust?~American Zombie

For the New Orleans Assassin, it’s all about family…
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Chinese drywall distributor in New Orleans agrees to settlement

Control of Blaine Kern Artists is now in son's hands

NOFS presents Louisiana films at the CAC tonight

Going down The Garden Path
~Red Cotton, Gambit

home.~CheekyCherry, NOLAFemmes

Hungry Thursday~Blackened Out

Don’t be That Guy (or Girl): Bad Customers~He Said/She Said NOLA

Great Eats – Cowbell ~Invade Nola

RIP Phoebe Snow

Where The Tuba Lives: 5 New Orleans Songs Featuring The Fat Horn

Galactic + funky Meters = SUPERFUNKJAM~Friday, May 6th at the Mahalia Jackson Theatre n in New Orleans - In addition to full shows by each group, all members of Galactic and the funky Meters will join together onstage for the first time ever to form the planet's funkiest band for a one time only 'SUPERFUNKJAM'. This will be a once in a funky lifetime occurrence for Planet Earth (similar to a comet passing a solar eclipse) so don't miss out!

~Hat Tweet @dirtycoast~ Another right on party situation, Jazz Fest edition! A Midnight Affair w/ DJ Soul Sister and Nicholas Payton XXX....

New jewelry and accessories artists to discover in the Jazz Fest crafts

~Celebrating and remembering are the heart of New Orleans’ culture. Our unique gift to the future is delivering and renewing our past. This year’s Congo Square proves that reclamation is its own reward.
The immortal Matthew “Fats” Houston, the most iconic grand marshal ever to strut a New Orleans street, graced the 1976 Jazz Fest poster – a poster distinguished as the most valued of any before or since its publication 35 years ago. And while releasing this year’s marvelous retake celebrates the 35th anniversary of that glorious slice of time and place, it also lovingly memorializes the great man’s passing 30 years ago.

Going back to Congo Square
~Jarvis DeBerry

~Check out Sonny smoking this number live in Lafayette Square!

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