Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mess in the Marigny~Gambit's Alex Woodward on the tensions between the NOPD's 5th District and the A.R.K. in the Faubourg Marigny
~The three-story warehouse at 511 Marigny St. was home to the Iron Rail Book Collective and Plan B, the New Orleans Community Bike Project, before New Orleans Police Department officers, citing inactive permits, warned its members to leave the building earlier this month.
~Editilla Dixclosures~ My writing studio of many years was located at that 2nd floor fire escape to the left above the Iron Rail/ARK. It was here that I rode out Katrina and then the Federal Flood for 7 days. To say this is personal would be the misunderstatement of the fucking century. I was the only person in that building for the latter part of that 1st week of the Flood.
I loved the Iron Rail not only for who they were but for who they weren't. Yet, they were merely a flick in the history of that building and the artists who it (and its old school real deal landlord Julian Mutter) facilitated for so many years.
This article is inadequate, alas the journalist should have done background, a background for which there isn't enough room here to describe. The place was never a sophomoric dormitory for the Bourgeois Naivete, but an enclave of professionals, Artist kicking their own asses to the limit in New Orleans.

Cop School - For You, Not Them - Really ~Lord David, Truth and other Lies

UNO Charter Network making moves to get every education major into classrooms ~Naomi Martin, The Lens

Obama ordered Oil Spill Commission 32 days later, not 84 days, or 5 years later

BP Sustainability Report Ignores Oil Spill, and Tony Gets a Bonus!
~Disenfranchised Citizen

~ReTweet !~ RT @bayougirlblog Sign petition by Sen. A.G. Crowe demanding proven, non-toxic solutions 2 restore

Sen. David Vitter's allegations about oil spill claims are empty, Kenneth Feinberg responds

LSU Agricultural Center is closing three of its research stations~Jordan Blum

The Road to Reef Recovery

Fête Française ~Blackened Out
~Today please join Ecole Bilingue de la Nouvelle-Orléans in celebrating the 12th anniversary of its annual French festival, la Fête Française. Ecole Bilingue’s Fête proudly honors New Orleans’ connection to French food, arts and culture. Our theme this year, April in Paris, promises to inspire an exciting event which will take place at the school’s main campus located at 821 General Pershing Street, (between Magazine and Constance streets).

Deacon John waltzing through time ~Jason Berry

Eric Lindell enjoyed calling the shots on his new CD, 'Cazadero'~Keith Spera

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