Friday, April 8, 2011

“The road not taken” alas “Parting is such sweet sorrow”. Thanks Nowdy for the memories… ~slabbed

Shake, Rattle and Roll!

Honoring Staff Sgt. Quadi Hudgins, killed in Iraq: An editorial

Jindal Promises To Veto Central Louisiana Congressional District ~CenLamar

Drawing the short straw~Clancy DuBos
~When push comes to shove in a redistricting session, one of the first casualties is the inter-parish harmony that many lawmakers and local elected officials genuinely work hard to achieve. So it was with both the state House and Senate redistricting plans, which strained relations between Jefferson and Orleans parish officials to the breaking point.

Redistricting effort grinds to a halt

St. Tammany Parish Council to sue BP over oil spill

~For a date to stand alone as a symbol it must refer to an event with such an impact it puts a dent in history. We on the Dirty Coast believe that April 20, 2010 is just that date. It was on that Friday that the people and wildlife of Southern Louisiana and Mississippi had to find new ways to make a living, find ways to survive and try to save our way of life. All those effected had this thrust upon them because of human error, greed and hubris. This limited edition design should represent the simple fact that there are those to blame for their actions and there is a new date to remember by name. Four. Twenty. Ten.
Proceeds for the sales of this shirt will go to support the efforts of GRN.

10th deep-water drilling permit issued for well off Louisiana coast
~Mark Schleifstein

BP buys east beach of Cat Island

No, really, it’s getting better out there
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Offshore Drilling, Onshore Spilling ~SkyTruth

BP official pressed at Gulf oil spill hearing~Kevin McGill

Friday cartomancy
: King of Hearts ~HoodooQ

Calligraphy Demo at New Orleans Museum of Art/ Where Y'Art?

Dat Dog offers European wieners and sausages as well as down-home favorites ~Tod Price

40th annual Strawberry Festival kicks off in Ponchatoula!

French Quarter Fest Live Broadcast Schedule ~WWOZ

Second line Sunday: Single Ladies
~Big Red Cotton, Gambit

Winter Circle Blue Mood Productions New Earth~DEFEND NOLA

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