Friday, June 10, 2011

FEMA chief sees bigger role for insurers in flood coverage
~Bruce Alpert

"Heckuva Job Brownie" Speaks~Kate Sheppard
~Editilla Shinolas~ We never pass up a chance to say FYYFF and tell the world about this shiftless, self-aggrandizing, opportunistic, pusillanimous, whining asshole. He is to current American Disaster Capitalism what Ed Blakely is to lying down under a tsunami.

Remember the advice I gave way back in September 2008 ~Slabbed

Second suspect from Mississippi identified in January home invasion
~Uptown Messenger

Oil Slick Reported Near Venice, Louisiana - Update ~SkyTruth

Riki Ott, marine toxicologist, weighs in on the Feinberg lie
~Disenfranchised Citizen

~Also see~Nobody Did It...
~Appeals panel for Gulf oil spill damage claims is formed

Fishermen say crab industry still in disarray

Drought causes salt intrusion on farms

Bonnet Carre Spillway bays to begin closing Saturday

Mississippi River flooding likely to spread Asian carp to lakes, bayous

Swollen Mississippi River, Jazz Festival Test Multiband Radios in Louisiana
~Responders from 16 agencies tested the promise of interoperability embodied in multiband radios at the two-week New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and in daily operations that included monitoring a swollen Mississippi River.
An estimated 400,000 people converged on the New Orleans’ Fair Grounds Race Course for the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival providing state, local and federal responder agencies an opportunity to test a multiband radio in the event’s crowded and noisy conditions from April 29 to May 8.

Creole Stuffed Bell Peppers
~Chef John Folse

Le Petit Theater board says sale to Dickie Brennan is moving forward

~Hat Tweet @ ~Let the debate begin! N.O.'s 9 best snoball stands via Who got left out?
~At Right in 2008: Haley, 7, and Shane Babb, 5, anticipate the cool sweetness of their snowballs as they wait for Shiela Marriott to prepare them at Ro-Bear's in Harahan. Photo: John McCusker
{We love to tell this story}
~Editilla was doing this very thing~ building some kid a perfect snowball, at the Flora Cafe' one morning when Valentine came in for his early juice.
{I also did fresh-squoze juice for Ali.}
Only this morning Val was a bit up on breaking news: "Hey, Juicy," he says "Did you hear that one of the World Trade Center towers is on fire?" "Nah", said I, more interested in making sure to swirl the Condensed Milk just right around the cone of crushed ice to the top, without breaking it down, which would not do at all, mashing up all the color layers I had painstakingly laid in the snowball already. While the kid watched, Val, stepped across Royal to get a paper and comes back in looking a little scared...looking me right in the eye he said, "You may want to get over to Big Daddy's and check the TV." "What?", I said, stepping around a few more of the children waiting for their snowballs. Then da'Angel storms into the cafe, "HEY EVERYBODY! SOMEONE HAS JUST FLOWN A GODDAMN AIRLINER INTO THE WORLD TRADE CENTER IN NEW YORK!"
The place emptied like fire in a theater, as everyone ran to the bars across the street to see it on the Tube. Suddenly Schiro's was packed too. Suddenly there was not a car on the street outside, as I suspect anywhere else in America that day.
Me, I turned around and looked at the kids waiting on their snowballs and asked,
Who's next?

Swoon At NOMA~NOLAFemmes

's Wellness Expo

Mythical Creatures & Beings Show from Fleur de Tease ~Humid Beings


Weekend Roundup~Blackened Out

2 comments: said...

Hey, LOVE the "turd polish"......
and I was out taking a walk where my dog and I walked so many times before. I retraced our steps and tried to see him with his giant tail floping from side to side as he wandered down the trail off-leash. Now reality sunk in as he had died a month before. I hadn't even begun to heal on 9/11 and w/o my dog, I was totally lost.........I thought I would never get over both episodes!

Editilla said...

Aw'dat. I know how you feel. Such memories are more like phantom sensation on a severed limb.