Sunday, June 26, 2011

Get You Some Tough Lovin! ~Corps Commentary from da Tuffcookie
~Editilla Cotellas~ We've admired and supported this commenter on every Corps-related story in the New Orleans News Media, but particularly at the Times-Picayune. Indeed, we developed many of our stronger techniques for badassery in fending off Paid Corps Astroturfers as they keep spinning the lie, as well as the ignorant rants of the bourgeois navete Nola Bashers, at the side of this noble Nola Warrior and others like Sandy Rosenthal, and engineers like JohnBGood, FLOODWALL. It's a noticeable anonymous cadre of Nola Defenders swarming, to pay attention to what was happening -or not- in telling the Story of the Federal Flood of New Orleans ---and Counter the Corps PR Spin'filtration. Silly job I suppose, but goddamn Someone had to because WE WERE LOSING THE STORY TO THE CORPS.
Jus'sayin... We Don't Bow Sinn Féin.

And speaking of Spin'filtration, Jeffrey @ Library Chronicles nails Michael Brownie's Nola Book Tour to da floor

And speaking of another Disaster Punkster, Stephanie Grace takes Ray Nagin fo da Carpetbagger

Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh My:
Is there a media conspiracy?
Slabbed reports you decide.

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