Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rising Tide VI: Nominations still open for the Ashley Award~Get your registration on here
~Poster by Greg Peters~
Geaux New Orleans!

London's Katrina moment: James Gill
~There is little room for debate about the cause of our woes; the Corps of Engineers so botched our flood defenses that we were done in by no more than a glancing blow from a weakening hurricane. Blame is not so easy to apportion when gangs suddenly take to the streets intent on burning buildings, burglarizing businesses, assaulting police and generally terrorizing the populace.

It really happened... never forget 8/29/05

~Artifacts Not Politics

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Drake said...

Okay man...this lack of posting is weirding me out...I hope all is well...oh, and are we still on for po'boys and beers in a week and a half?