Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oil rig workers survived Gulf storm in raft

Then and Now: Pictures of NFL QBs "before they were stars"
Alejandro de los Rios, Gambit

Report: La. overpaid on jobless claims

Comment Bump~ American Zombie

I have a sneaking suspicion…
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Future NASA rocket will be most powerful ever built
~The Ares-V (left) and Ares-I. Click to enlarge.
~View Expanded Views of Ares-I, Ares-V (293 Kb PDF)
Fact Sheets: Ares I Crew Vehicle (PDF, 690 KB) | Ares V Cargo Vehicle (PDF, 381 KB)
~"It's appropriate that we named these vehicles Ares, which is a pseudonym for Mars," said Scott Horowitz, associate administrator for NASA's Exploration Systems Mission Directorate, Washington. "We honor the past with the number designations and salute the future with a name that resonates with NASA's exploration mission." The "I and V" designations pay homage to the Apollo program's Saturn I and Saturn V rockets, the first large U.S. space vehicles conceived and developed specifically for human spaceflight.

Pedicabs Are a Go in N.O.

1880: Humble beginnings for Commander's Palace, a landmark New Orleans restaurant

Black N' Gold Kick-Off Party! Bonerama + Cha Wa + Ying Yang Twins
~Humid Beings


Anonymous said...

love your new Saints thingy. :) may have to steal it.... ;-)

Editilla said...

Aw'Dat, Mz Babe! You can take anything you want offa this Ladder anytime.
BTW, I'm going to the game Sunday! Sec-143 / Row-30 Saints side!
Sooooo psyched! Whodat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?

Anonymous said...

Sec 143 Row 30 - I'm trying to find out who has the Season Tix on seat 13 or seat didn't sit in either of those did you> I just bought seats 10-12 season PSL's and I'd like to pickup a 4th ticket if possible if I can find the owner...

Thanks for your help!

Who Dat!


Editilla said...

Ha! I just snag tickets on the Saint's Ticket Exchange!