Thursday, October 27, 2011

Feds make slow progress on flood levee national inventory~Please check out our new National Levee Map! We've made it interactive. Please have patience as it's just getting started and we have lots of data to input regarding levee failures --not only in La but all over the country.
~Editilla Rotellas~ Once again the Corps of Engineers is immune from anything as the seek to fuck us over again. They'll simply NOT DO SOMETHING THAT CONGRESS SAYS DO. They are lying, corrupt project engineering succubi. The Will hurt us again, and NONE of them will go to jail for it.

Feinberg says new rules for payouts are being formulated

Can-Do: NOLA Brewing at Tipitinas tonight ~He Said/She Said NOLA

Ninth Ward Field of Dreams

Halloween Second Line: Rescheduled Black Men of Labor Rolls Saturday

12th Annual All Saints Day parade
~Big Red Cotton, Gambit

Richard Bienvenu: Spooky Neutral Ground

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