Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force offers to bribe Louisiana with carrots
~The America’s WETLAND Foundation (an industry funded lobbying group) praised the report for bringing Louisiana’s coastal land loss to national prominence. “We have been through numerous federal administrations where making the case for the restoration of valuable wetlands in Louisiana has been all but ignored,” said foundation Chairman King Milling (who funded 80% of the coastal destruction with oil exploration loans through his Whitney Bank). “Through the efforts of many, Gulf Coast deterioration is now a national concern, where agendas are forming to bring solutions to a crisis situation.”

The New Orleans-based Gulf Restoration Network, however, attacked the report for not recommending specific restoration projects. “Where are the measurable goals and outcomes for the restoration agenda?” spokesman Aaron Viles said in a news release. “Where will the money for specific projects come from? How can we be sure that restoration decisions are sound if there is no requirement for independent scientific review and a Science Advisory Committee?”
~Editilla Notellas~ We would've linked to AWF but their url is suspiciously almost exactly like the following coastal science group GRN. Making your URL exactly like your competition's is an old Public Relations aggregation trick from the days of signage.
America's Wetlands is funded by the vary industry which has destroyed South Louisiana, which in turn was financed for the most part by the group's chairman King Milling's bank. When such well-funded PR Machines play-act as grass roots activists you get ASTROTURF.

~Photograph of wetlands damage from the MRGO, by Quinta Scott: wetlands blogger photo-archivist, fine art nature photographer and big friend of Louisiana and your New Orleans Ladder. Please also see her post: Ecosystem Restoration: The Upper Mississippi and the Louisiana Coast, Studied to Death

Defend Our Coast, Defend Our Culture
Join us for an evening of great discussion, food, and music to benefit GRN

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Voice of the Wetlands Festival Oct. 7-9
~The eighth annual Voice of the Wetlands Festival is scheduled for Oct. 7-9 at Southdown Plantation, 1208 Museum Drive, Houma. Admission is free.
~Other fall festivals across South Louisiana

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