Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Winning bidder for canal pump stations sues Corps over new bid plans after own corruption scandal involving hiring Corps' bid specialist to do their bidding

Dear Corps of Engineers: Save the Fancy Talk and Just Tell Us If We Should Build an Ark
~Jim Schutze
~Hat Tip~ Sandy Rosenthal, Levees.org
~All right, class, today our lesson is: "Logical Wormholes and Semantic Corkscrews: Translating the Language of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Into More or Less Plain English, or, You Know, Spanish. Whatever. Language How People Talk."
Two weeks ago I wrote a column about some documents leaked to me from inside the Corps of Engineers. For those of you who are new to this topic, the word corps, you will notice, does not have an "e" on the end of it. It means a branch of the armed forces. The Corps of Engineers is part of the Army, and it is responsible for all of the big dams and levees used to control floods in this country. If you want to know why, ask a professor. To me, it's just how it is.

Rebuilding, displacement hinder long-term recovery in Springfield, MO
~“What we’re finding in this fourth to fifth month is people who thought they were going to be OK because their insurance was going to take care of them or FEMA would take care of them, they’re now realizing ‘I’m just not going to make it’,” said Kathryn Buckley-Brawner, director of Catholic Charities at the Diocese of Springfield.

Dangerous lead levels found in nearly two-thirds of New Orleans homes, Tulane study says ~Mark Schleifstein

Protecting the environment and jobs
~Bob Marshall

Study Analyzes Damaging Impacts of Hurricanes on Louisiana’s Coastal Wetlands

Here’s something for the T-P to write about in a few weeks: Lee Zurik exposes voter fraud in St Bernard ~Slabbed

Louisiana to get $389M more in FEMA grants

BP money to be used to fight litter in NOLA

Duck Hunting at Risk in the Mississippi River Delta ~EDF

Press Suppression at Occupy Wall Street Raid

Legendary Bourbon St. club owner "Miss Dixie" Fasnacht dies at 101~Dominic Massa, WWLTV

Thanksgiving is Coming!~Blackened Out

Large and Permanent Gestures
~Street Artist Swoon Talks About the Bywater's Musical Shantytown That She Wants to Turn Into a House~Brad Rhines, NOLA DEFENDER

Ever had one'a'dem days, ya just feels like a...
~Horney Toad?~ Polly Jackson

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