Sunday, May 22, 2011

Property owners in the path of Mississippi River flooding are taking out mortgages to beat the 30-day waiting period on insurance
~Also~Boats soaking up flood data
~Legendary disaster invites comparisons to now, but differences abound between 1927 and today.
~Flooding fears recede for residents in Morganza Floodway
~Mandatory evacuation back on for Butte LaRose

New Orleans eyes flood-swollen Mississippi warily~Rick Jervis

~What a blessing this boy turned out to be, eh? Happy 70th Birthday Bob Dylan!

Reviewing a claim is not paying a claim
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Artificial Reef Enhancement Fund targeted for pilfering by Jindal administration ~Bob Marshall

Greasing the Skids

1,000 expected for 'vacant properties' conference in New Orleans next year

Appalling conditions at New Orleans coroner's office reveal a crude, understaffed operation~Laura Maggi

Its every lawyer for themselves: St Pierre trial exposes ugly underbelly of the Mississippi corporate bar ~Slabbed

St. Charles streetcar track renovation comes to screeching halt

Saints sell out Superdome for sixth straight season

Do rail cars actually "screech"?
~Library Chronicles

~Special thanks to wallyg fo'dat fine Street Car photograph!

the rapture~hungry termite

CSICon 2011 coming to New Orleans at Halloween

No Baloney On My Boat!

Second line Sunday: 34th annual Money Wasters Parade
~Big Red Cotton, Gambit

Don Marshall On New Orleans & Its Music Today

Berklee Students Help Build Affordable Housing in New Orleans

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