Saturday, January 7, 2012

Don't Stop Now~Library Chronicles

Just as New Orleans Saints did in 2006, Detroit Lions lifting the spirits of a city
~Bob Marshall
~We've been there, Detroit. We lived it for 12 agonizing months after sub-standard federal levees collapsed, turning a hurricane named Katrina into a record-setting disaster and killing 1,400 of our neighbors. Their bodies were still floating in the streets, wedged in attics when the insults began, from the talk-radio oracles and even national politicians. "Why would you live there? Why spend money fixing that city? The people are crazy to move back. It should be moved. If they want to live there, they should help themselves. All they want is a handout." It continued as we buried our dead, gutted our houses, reopened our schools and businesses. It became such a constant refrain -- following us even on vacations and business travel - we gave up responding. We became resigned to the fact that it would always be "open season" on our city. Then the 2006 NFL season opened.

Surging Saints a tough playoff draw for Detroit~Brett Martel

LSU fans take tailgating to the extreme

River Birch Landfill's clout seen in federal legislation

La. AG challenges ruling in Gulf oil spill cases

Beat the Crowds: Visitor Alternatives for New Orleans~He Said/She Said NOLA

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