Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jefferson Parish gives 3 garbage contracts to single Texas company?~Richard Rainey

Fox 8 and WWL TeeVee is reporting Karen Parker will be in court to plead guilty to Misprison of Felony ~Slabbed

500-year protection for under $2 billion? Why wait 20 years to start?
~Mark Moseley, The Lens

FEMA chief pushes public-private approach to disaster response

Ed Blakely's new book tells Hurricane Katrina tales few will recognize

Keep an eye on flooding issues in New Orleans' Hollygrove: An editorial

Orion Marine Group Provides Mid-Period Update on Its Outlook (USA)

Carville says LSU threatened~WWL

Here's your sneak peek at Spud McConnell in Hairspray~Will Coviello, Gambit

Manning’s to open Thursday!
~Ian McDonald

Krewe du Vieux announces new route!

DiFranco fires back~Jeff Miers

~Editilla Patronellas~My recently aquired, real life painting by Polly Jackson in early morning light: Elms of Atura Park, 22"X33" Acrylic. Don't know if a cellphone pic could do this justice, as the colors really seem to light themselves. I guess that is a difference for me between Art and anything else, to wit: live paintings like this don't need artificial light. Indeed, Polly's paintings seem to thrive in natural light. I also got 2 of her Chicken paintings (behind that one) --but before showing y'all will wait for a Chicken Day when we really need it. Click to enlarge

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