Saturday, February 11, 2012

And then there was a parade... sort of
~Library Chronicles

And then there was a parade cam... sort of
~Editilla loves a parade cam and commentary.
Last night's 1st up with Oshun sucked marbles from
When they finally did get some audio, we had to endure Dude talking about his dry-cleaning career as floats and bands rolled by without description. Yeah, the dumbass was talking about Dry-Cleaning School in Silver Springs, Maryland. No shit! The Nice Lady commentator at least named a few floats and bands, but the down-take is this: shut your yappers and talk about the parades and your relationship to Mardi Gras.
That said, it was fun to follow the duo's Twitter live exchanges with people watching the parade locally (-: such as Youses' Truly: the Troublemaker ;-) and from around the country. It should be noted that these aren't TV people @, so their technical dexterity isn't perhaps congroovient with Live Video Coverage. We hope they fix the technical problems. As for the inane banter...
WWLTV Parade Cam unfortunately covers only 1 parade at a time until Mardi Gras day, but that is good, and MG day's coverage is exquisite, all over the parade route. They are the ones to watch for The Rex Toast and Zulu.

~Nola Parades Today~Krewe of Pontchartrain: Uptown 2:00 p.m.
~Knights of Sparta: Uptown 6:00 p.m.
~Krewe of Pygmalion: Uptown 6:45 p.m.

Rəsolution to le Petit Printemps, Enfin?

Night parade will be Thibodaux's first in a century

Washington, D.C., Mardi Gras has theme of '200 Years with Oysters and Beers'

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Rebirth Brass Band giddy about Grammy nomination, trip to L.A.


Lipwak said...

I'm with you on the your take of the Paradecam. Listening to those guys can be trying but on the other hand that is part of the "charm." Thanks for all the info on possible cams too. I hope to find Barkus today. Any word on whether WDSU will have any webcams? They have in the past. No word on their website yet.

Editilla said...

I got WWL link on today's Ladder,
and also @small_affair on twitter said she was going to Ustream Barkus!