Saturday, February 4, 2012

More criminal charges for former Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard
~Also~River Birch landfill owner yet to collect on loan to Garland Robinette

Since I’ve gotten so much free legal advice over the past couple of days lets talk 1st Amendment and Defamation ~Slabbed

Lee Zurik Investigation: Will feds raise the pressure on Hingle?

Jay: Indy's nice, but it ain't New Orleans

FEMA grant helps restore N.O. archives
~Editilla Hellotellas?~ We hopes they store these archives upstairs this time?

Sen. Mary Landrieu promotes New Orleans as site for patent office

The historic way to transport bulk loads still used, take the Ohio River for example
~"A barge puts out 19.3 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per million ton mile, as compared to the 29.6 tons put out by a train and 71.6 tons put out by a truck. He added that a barge carries an average of 1,750 tons of material but a single truck or rail car is not able to haul nearly that much." You would need 16 rail cars to haul that one barge worth or 70 trucks on the road," said Lin Prescott, an economist in the Corps' navigation center.

Craig Giesecke: The chef’s meal
~Uptown Messenger

Mardi Gras Parade Season is Off to the Racy ~NOLA DEFENDER

Today, Get Yo' Crimes Against Nature...ON!
~Wearing a V for Victory and an A for the Apocalypse in carnival colors the 2012 Parade this year is on Saturday, February 4, 2012 and the Krewe will be rolling and stumbling through the Marigny Triangle and the Lower French Quarter.
This year’s Queen is Deon Haywood, executive director of Women with a Vision.

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