Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bobby Hebert: No competitive advantage in eavesdropping ~WWL~For example, the same route I was running with the Saints might have been called a "China route," when I went to the Falcons, it might be called "a Rocko." And that's just ONE route, out of the whole play book that you'd have to know. It's almost like that movie "Windtalkers" with the Navajo translators...Windtalkers on steroids! You'd have to be almost Albert Einstein of football to be able to process all that in such a short time...Almost at computer speed, you just can't do it.

West Bank levee debris study delayed again

Government Files First Criminal Charges In BP Oil Spill ~NPR~Also~ From the Times-Picayune, for what their BPPR word is worth.

Two years later: the oil is still here and so are we~Gulf Restoration Network

BP Gulf Oil Spill Accord Is Biased, Shrimp Processors Say~Bloomberg

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