Monday, May 28, 2012

Times-Picayune employees to learn their fates next week ~Kevin Allman, Gambit

An Open Letter to Steve Newhouse
~Getting rid of the daily Times-Picayune is like closing down Galatoire's, ending Jazz Fest, and moving out the Saints all rolled into one. I'm writing this not out of nostalgia for the past but out of urgency for the city's future. New Orleans needs a daily Times-Picayune. The city is still recovering and rebuilding from one of the worst disasters in recent American history. It was a disaster that your paper did a heroic job covering. Journalists risked their lives for the city they loved and justly received international recognition for their hard work. It was one the finest moments for your media empire. But you are about to turn that victory into a sad defeat. All of that hard work and recognition is going to be flushed away if the daily paper ceases operations.

Open letter to Mr. Warren Buffet re The Times-Picayune By Evan Christopher

In Memoriam: The Daily New Orleans Times-Picayune~Beaumont, Lufkin, Tyler, Galveston and Huntsville will soon have papers that publish more frequently than New Orleans, formerly the queen city of the Gulf Coast.

Happy Memorial Day New Orleans!

Residents, officials getting ready as hurricane season approaches ~WWLTV

Fall of New Orleans beachhead for emancipation

Chargrilled Oysters

InvadeNOWFE : Royal Street Stumble

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