Sunday, July 8, 2012

Trees v. levee in corps fight~Monroe's majestic decades-old oaks and magnolias providing a shady canopy along Riverside Drive and the crape myrtles offering a blooming border on South Grand Street are facing the ax again.After a five-year reprieve, those trees and countless other encroachments are targeted for removal after the Army Corps of Engineers issued an unacceptable rating to the Tensas Basin Levee System's east bank from Monroe to Bastrop.

Goodell rejects argument that players were simply following orders ~Mile Florio  
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Times-Picayune reporter: I can’t keep my mouth shut and pretend everything is okay

Sun Herald news reporter Anita Lee earns Bill Minor Award

Help support CODOFIL ~Maringouin, NOLAFemmes

Beyond The Music In St. Louis Cemetery No. 2 ~Defend New Orleans 

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Hat Tweet ~NOLA Smokehouse is in the pub kitchen today from 11 till 9pm. Smoked shrimp on the menu today:)

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