Friday, November 2, 2012

Magic 8-Ball Week 9 – Saints Eagles Preview ~Whodat Warriors

2nd Annual Gleason Gras this Sunday!

New What for New Who? ~G Bitch Spot

Size of NOPD forces has plummeted in recent years ~WWL

Doctors talk sugar cane smoke, health effects

Sandy’s Forgotten ~Alex Koppleman

NYU Hospital’s Backup System Undone by Key Part in Flooded Basement ~Pro Publica

Sandy catches many northeasterners without flood coverage

NYC Flooded Tunnels to Take Many Days to Drain

Exquisite Corps: To Build a Levee, New York Must Take the Lead~A look at the science of storm surge protection suggests that Bloomberg, despite his own engineering background, is perhaps not all that well versed in the work that has been done in the field. Robert G. Bea is an engineer with a deep background in storm water protections and a professor emeritus at the University of California at Berkeley (as well as an Army Corps of Engineers vet). Asked if, indeed, it’s technological possible to protect New York City through some sort of levee system, Bea responds without hesitation.
“The answer is, for sure, yes.” Bea points to the Dutch Delta Works system of dams, dikes and levees that has been much in the news of late. “They sit on the same damn ocean that you do,” he says. (I’m in Brooklyn.) “That Atlantic is a real damn kick-in-the-bum piece of water.”

Author of new Ernie K-Doe biography hosts book signing

Top 3 upcoming blues shows in N.O.

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