Friday, January 18, 2013

New Orleans area levee improvements already outpaced by science, engineering, engineer says

Two Storms, Two Cities: Not Many Parallels Between Sandy, Katrina ~Roberta Brandes Gratz ~Hat Tweet @LeveesOrg

Bobby Jindal was Against taxes before he was For taxes

Businesses warned of Super Bowl restrictions

Bead Mosaics Cover Da World! ~Leigh Ann Sturart, The Advocate
~Mardi Gras parades are infamous for, among many things, the piles of unwanted plastic beads they leave in their wake. While many might be quick to dismiss the gaudy neckwear as fool’s gold, one man has proven such “trash” can be turned into cultural treasures. For more than five years, artist Stephan Wanger has been partnering with volunteers from communities throughout the state — including more than 3,000 children ranging in grade from kindergarten to 12th — to construct Louisiana-themed mosaics out of otherwise unwanted Mardi Gras beads.

Krewe du Vieux parades Jan. 19

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