Saturday, February 16, 2013

Gulf of Mexico Gas Well Evacuated Due to Leak ~Jason Saul, WWNO

Scientists say pelicans can be fearsome mascot ~Nikki Buskey, Daily Comet
~Above: Editilla cruisin'da scene, always on da'lookout fo'dem who would oppose us, Sinn Féin.
When the New Orleans Hornets announced they were changing their name to the Pelicans late last month, there was some collective grumbling about the supposedly less-than-fearsome choice. But pelicans, in addition to being a long-serving symbol of Louisiana, are more than meets the eye. When the New Orleans basketball team adopts its new logo for the 2013-14 season, it will be taking on the moniker of a fierce coastal hunting bird.

Entergy seeks yet another rate increase ~Mark Ballard, The Advocate

Street newspaper gives opportunity to New Orleans homeless ~Danny Monteverde

Congress and Corps of Engineers struggle to chart water work ~St. Louise Post-Dispatch

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