Saturday, March 23, 2013

Carpetbaggers Continue Hate-Debate Over 'Make It Right" and How to Rebuild New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward ~Smithsonian
Editilla~New Orleans Ladder says: March 23, 2013 at 11:04 am
At least Thing 1 at The New Republic quoted a resident. Did you interview any residents?
Another thing you didn’t do was mention the Corps of Engineers as the cause of our devastation in New Orleans and particularly the flood wall failures which disappeared your subject. That kinda makes you Thing 2.
Both of you casually imply Katrina devastated New Orleans. This is simply not the Truth of what happened here 8/29/05. It is in fact a PR Lie perpetrated by the Corps of Engineers Public Affairs Dept within the 1st week of their flooding New Orleans.
Down here we call such misapprehension: Katrina Shorthand.
Katrina Shorthand informed your entire article.
I can’t hold it against you that you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. But I will call-out anyone who spreads the Corps lie about the man-made disaster they visited upon New Orleans that horrid, fateful day in August 2005.
Please think on this before you deign to presume upon my city again.
At the very least please educate yourself. You might start at
Thank you.

Southern Rep's gripping 'Mold' brings playwright's Katrina trilogy to a cathartic close ~Theodore P. Mahne ~Hat Tweet @LeveesOrg
~"Mold” is the final work in a trilogy of plays based on the experiences of Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent flood brought on by the failure of the federal levees. (-; Emphasis all Editilla ;-)

If everyone wins, as Jindal claims, his tax plan math is bogus ~Tyler Bridges, The Lens

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