Sunday, April 7, 2013

LSU spent a lot trying to quash academic freedom and befriend the Corps of Engineers ~James Gill~LSU comes out looking petty, vindictive and dishonest while taxpayers get a bill for $1 million. Will anyone get fired over this? Hell, no. That punishment is reserved for straight shooters. Ivor van Heerden must have been such a one, else the state would hardly have paid him $435,000 last month to settle his wrongful termination lawsuit. We now discover that LSU's futile resistance cost more than that in legal fees, which rather belies the notion that flagship universities attract top brainpower. If LSU had not been so keen to smear van Heerden, he might have been merely the professor who was right about Katrina. Instead, he was turned into a hero, the champion of academic freedom.

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